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Faculty Development News and Events

  •  Feb 11 - Evaluating Student Writing: Using Rubrics to Give Feedback

    EVENT DATE: February 11, 2014

    TIME: 12:10-1:05 

    LOCATION: Engineering 325

    Do those stacks of student essays seem daunting? Wish you could save time and give feedback that would help students improve the quality of their writing? Join us as faculty talk about how they use rubrics with writing assignments.

    Co-sponsored by The HUB Writing Center, The Faculty Collaborative, and Faculty Development.

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  •  Feb 6 - Developing Activities to Deepen Student Learning: In-Class Strategies and Examples

    EVENT DATE: February 6, 2014 (Thursday) 

    TIME: 12:10-1:05 

    LOCATION: Engineering 325

    So you had your students watch a TED talk or Khan Academy video before coming to class to get them thinking.
    Now what?  Or perhaps in your last class you explained a critical theory in detail, now how can insure the students grasped the ideas? Discover tips and tricks for developing in-class activities that take students beyond memorization to deepen understanding and encourage students to do the pre-work.

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  •  Jan 28 - Designing Effective Writing Assignments

    EVENT DATE: January 28, 2013 (Tuesday) 

    TIME: 12:10-1:05 

    LOCATION: Engineering 325 Note location 

    Designing Effective Writing Assignments: Faculty colleagues from several departments will share examples of effective writing assignments and what makes them work. Why do they appeal to students? What makes them effective learning opportunities? Join us for a moderated discussion. Bring an assignment to discuss, or just listen in.

      • Co-sponsored by The HUB Writing Center, The Faculty Collaborative, and Faculty Development.
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  •  Nov. 6th - Mix it up: Enriching Course Content, Engaging Learning

    EVENT DATE: November 6 (Wednesday)

    TIME: 11:45 - 12:50

    LOCATION: Varsi 114


    Mix it up:  Enriching Course Content, Engaging Learning

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  •  Oct. 22nd - The Rare, The Medium-Rare, and The Well-Done

    EVENT DATE: October 22, 2013

    TIME: 4:00 - 5:30

    LOCATION: Martin Reading Room, 3rd Floor, Library

    The Rare, The Medium-Rare, and The Well-Done: Thinking about Books, Microchips, and Libraries. What is the future of the book in the digital age? What might the book as a material artifact have to teach scholars and students across the disciplines? Join Dr. Michael Suarez, S.J., Director of Rare Book School and Professor of English at U of Virginia for this presentation. Co-sponsored with the Library for Open Access Week.

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