Santa Clara University

Engineers Without Borders


Currently our project managers are working in the following areas:

Education Team

The education team is committed to inform the community about the importance of sanitation. The team is developing an education curriculum to implement in El Pital to teach the community about hygiene, sanitation, trash, and conservation. The team is striving to help generate the basis the community needs to be creative problem solvers.


EWB at SCU is in the midst of closing a four year water distribution project aiming to provide clean drinking water to the community of El Pital, Honduras. We have made three visits to El Pital, with help from the Honduran non-profit Un Mundo. Over that time we assessed the needs of the community and began to design a new rerouted water system. We are also working on improving the hygiene education standards in El Pital. Due to travel restrictions, we are now seeking ways to complete the project remotely, whcih includes working the the local water district, SANAA, or recruiting former EWB SCU alumni.

Rwanda Tile Press

We are working with a small community in Nyange, Rwanda on a yearlong project to improve the quality and efficiency of the community’s roof tile building process. We are working with them to create a mechanical device, freeing them of an otherwise time-consuming and tedious practove. We are partnering with an NGO, PICO Rwanda, the University of Rwanda, and leaders in the community.