Santa Clara University


About Us

The Santa Clara Chapter of Engineers Without Borders is composed of students, faculty, staff, and alumni who seek to use their skills to help meet the developing world's needs.

The Santa Clara Chapter is one of over 60 in the U.S., with chapters at the leading American universities.

EWB-USA is committed to designing and implementing engineering projects in developing communities around the world.  There is great need in areas ranging from renewable energy to clean water to sustainable enterprise development.  We currently have more than 80 projects in 35 countries.

EWB receives applications from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), universities and even remote villages for help in one or more of the following areas: 

 Water Supply (Drinking & Irrigation) 
 Sanitation & Waste Treatment 
 Structures and Construction 
 Information & Communication Systems 

Currently two thirds of EWB's projects involve a water supply component, half involve sanitation systems, half involve renewable energy systems, and about a quarter involve structures or construction. EWB-USA is primarily a technical assistance organization, however we can also help raise money for some projects, as well as transportation for the EWB volunteers. Typical project budgets for materials range from US $2,000 to US $40,000, although we have undertaken some larger projects in cooperation with other NGO's. Currently we are working in 60+ communities around the world. 

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