Santa Clara University

Summer 2014: Undergraduate, College of Arts and Sciences
Subject Ethnic Studies
Course ETHN 95
Title African Amer Indep Filmmakers
Units (min/max) 4.00/4.00
Description This online class introduces students to African American filmmakers who use film as a medium to heighten the consciousness of their audience, combat negative stereotypes, give voice to marginalized or underrepresented groups, and raise social awareness about issues affecting their diverse communities. We begin with the Harlem Renaissance Movement and trace emerging themes in the cinema of African Americans from the 1960s, Blaxploitation era, LA Rebellion period, and New Black City Movement to the present. We read, discuss, and write about films that stand in opposition to popular culture. We also write about paradigms that lead to inequity and injustice. In addition to exploring how the intersection of gender, race, class, and sexuality functions in these films, we note how African American filmmakers are able to rise above adversity, hone and sustain their art, while contributing significantly to American cinema and the larger global community. This course is designed for users who are both new and experienced with taking online courses.
Course descriptions can also be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin, or on the Ethnic Studies Web site.
Term Class Instructor(s) Meeting Days Meeting Times Location Avail
Summer 2014 98130 Walker,Jamie D MWR
01:02 AM-01:03 AM

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