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Matt Meier Prize

The Matt Meier Prize was established in honor of Professor Matt Meier for his scholarly contributions in the area of Chicano history and for his dedication to and support of the educational goals of the Ethnic Studies Program at Santa Clara University.

Professor Meier is nationally and internationally known as a pioneer in Chicano history. He published over 15 books and numerous articles. His book, "The Chicanos: A History of Mexican Americans" is a classic. It has gone through several editions and has been published in Spanish.

Besides contributing to the field of Chicano history, Professor Meier was a strong supporter of and contributor to the Ethnic Studies Program. He developed and taught for many years the first Chicano history course ever given in the United States. He co-organized the Institute on Chicano History and Culture at Santa Clara - another first. He served on the Ethnic Studies Advisory Board for many years and mentored many faculty.

The Matt Meier Prize is open to students of all majors, particularly seniors minoring/majoring in Ethnic Studies and Liberal Studies with an Ethnic Studies concentration.  The Matt Meier Prize is given annually to the student who writes an oustanding research paper or essay dealing with race and ethnicity.

Past Recipients:

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Cedric Busette Memorial Award

The Cedric Busette Memorial Award was established in 1996 by the Ethnic Studies Program to honor the memory of Professor Cedric Busette for his outstanding commitment to the Ethnic Studies Program and for his dedication to the goals of Jesuit education. As a member of the Ethnic Studies Advisory Board, he worked tirelessly to improve the program and was an excellent mentor to faculty and students.

Past Recipients:

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