Santa Clara University

Ethnic Studies Program

Courses Fulfilling Ethnic Studies Requirements


086. Native American Cultures
090. Cross-Cultural Study of Women
146. Perspectives on the Spanish & Native American Experience

Art History

141. Native American Art: California & the Pacific Northwest


040/040EL. Intro to Journalism: Focus on America's Diverse, Multi-Racial Identities and Communities
107. Intercultural Communication
121A. Diversity and the Media


62/162. African American Dance History


155. Economics of Immigration


106. Urban Education & Multiculturalism


035. African American Literature
036. Chicana/Chicano Literature I
037. Native American Literature
038. Asian American Literature I
039. Multicultural Literature in the US
069. Literatures by Women Writers of Color
130. Studies in African American Literature
134. Studies in Contemporary American Literature
139. Dangerous Border Crossers
140. Studies in Chicana/Chicano Literature
155. Studies in Asian American Literature
158. Studies in Native American Literature
166. Pan-African Literature


153. Civil Rights and Anti-Colonial Movements
178. Race and World War II
180. Native Americans of the U.S.
185. African Americans in Postwar Film

Modern Languages

133. Mexican American Literature


020. Music in American Culture I
132. The History of Hip Hop
134. Popular Music, Race, and American Culture

Political Science

153. Minority Politics in the U.S.
195. Senior Seminar in Racial & Ethnic Politics


189. African American Psychology

Religious Studies

RSOC 088. Native American Religions
RSOC 139. Mexican Popular Catholicism and Gender
RSOC 164. Religion, Race and Ethnicity in America
RSOC 184. Race and Religion in the U.S.


132. Social Stratification
150. Immigrant Businesses in the U.S.
153. Race, Class, & Gender in the U.S.
175. Race and Inequality
180. Immigrant Communities


014. Chicana/Chicano Theatre
065. Multicultural Theatre
161. American Theatre form the Black Perspective
189. August Wilson Seminar

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