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The Health Care Ethics Internship is a year-long program that brings SCU students into hospital and hospice settings where they learn firsthand about ethical dilemmas in the medical field. Students rotate through various units in local hospitals and other health care facilities, shadowing health care professionals as they encounter everyday ethical issues.

As former intern Chris Hong described it, "Since beginning my internship ..., I have had the opportunity to work with doctors, nurses, social workers, and chaplains in various departments, with the intention to observe ethically questionable situations. The health care workers always candidly explained the cases they were working on, painting a clear and honest picture of ethical issues when they arose."

A major component of the program is participation in biweekly reflection sessions at Santa Clara University. In these sessions, students utilize an ethical framework to consider case studies and theoretical approaches to medical ethics.

For students considering a career in health care, the program, established in 2001, has been an eye-opener. As one found, "It's hard to come to terms with the fact that medicine cannot stop the diseases once someone has become sick. That was such a hard thing to realize because for me, the appeal of medicine is the perception that you can 'fix' people. On that day [in the Oncology Unit], I had to admit to myself that there are some things that medicine cannot accomplish."

The students report a tremendous increase in respect for nurses and doctors. "The doctors showed me that there are many doctors who care and want to help," said one participant. "They treated me like I had credibility and could also one day be a doctor." During their rotations the students' interactions with staff foster a two-way exchange about ethical issues, benefiting both parties.

For more information about the internship, please contact Anna Kozas.

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