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Articles, cases, and links on medical ethics, biotechnology and ethics, clinical ethics, end-of-life decision making, culturally competent health care, and public health policy from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. Center staff and scholars work with hospitals, public health departments, and other agencies to analyze real-world ethical issues in medicine and biotechnology and to develop innovative tools and programs to address them.

Online Resources in Bioethics
  • Bioethics Articles
    Materials on Cloning, Genetics, Health Care Access, Etc.
  • End-of-Life Materials
    Articles and Cases on Assisted Death, Caregiving, Withdrawal of Treatment, Etc.
  • Medical Ethics Cases
    Scenarios on Managed Care, Alternative Medicine, Etc.
  • Medical Decision Making for Patients in the Care of Public Guardians
    Policy recommendations, cases, and bibliography
  • Culturally Competent Care
    Research, cases, and reflections
  • Pandemic Ethics Toolkit
    A report to the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health on ethical preparedness for pandemic flu

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  • Programs in Bioethics
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