Markkula Center of Applied Ethics

Associate Director/COO

Miriam Schulman

As associate director of the Ethics Center, Miriam Schulman manages the communication, operations, and administrative activities of the Center and serves on the Center's Management Committee. From the Ethics Center's Web site to its social media to its many publications, Schulman is responsible for external communications. She also facilitates the Emerging Issues Group, which brings Ethics Center staff and scholars together to discuss the ethical issues behind the news.

Her own writing on ethics has appeared in publications from USA Today College to Cyberethics (Prometheus Books) and American Voices (McGraw-Hill). Before coming to the Center, Schulman taught in SCU's Communication Department, and was associate editor of the University's alumni magazine. She has her bachelor's degree from Brandeis University and master's degrees in journalism from Columbia University and in creative writing from Stanford University.