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Capturing the lively discussions, presentations, and other events that make up the daily activities of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University.

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  •  An Ethics Guide for Freshman

    Friday, Aug. 27, 2010 9:21 AM

    Another person on my dorm floor has put up a poster on her door that I find extremely offensive.  What should I do?  My professor shoots down everyone who has a different idea than he does.  Is this fair?  My roommate hardly ever eats and she's so thin I'm worried about her.

    These and other typical ethical dilemmas for undergraduates will be the topic of the PBS program Forum today, featuring Center Executive Director Kirk O. Hanson. 

    The Center has been developing a set of scenarios that illustrate the kinds of moral quandaries students often confront.  Center students workers and staff collected ethical dilemmas from undergraduates across the country and synthesized them into 30 cases. 

    Some of these have already appeared on the Center Web site:

    My Poster; My Identity
    My Homework or Our Homework?
    What Will Sex Mean?

    The entire set is being developed as a possible book or Web site.

  •  A Code of Ethics and Values for Student Government

    Wednesday, Jul. 21, 2010 2:35 PM

    A yearlong project to develop a Code of Ethics and Values for Santa Clara University's Associated Student Government came to fruition in June with the formal adoption of the code by the ASG.  The effort was led by Hackworth Fellow Daniel Solomon, also the chief justice of the judicial branch of student government in 2009-2010.  Hackworth Fellows work with the Ethics Center to develop peer-to-peer programs on ethics for students.

  •  Cheating in College

    Tuesday, Jul. 20, 2010 4:44 PM

    Center Executive Director Kirk O. Hanson joined Rutgers' Donald McCabe and NPR's Neal Conan on "Talk of the Nation" yesterday for a discussion of cheating on college campuses.  McCabe, who has been studying student cheating since the '80s, found in his most recent survey that more than two-thirds of students admit to cheating on tests, homework, or assignments.  Hanson talked about the longterm effects on a person's character of cutting corners by cheating in school

  •  A Year in Pictures

    Monday, Jun. 21, 2010 10:48 AM

    From civility in public discourse to health care reform, the Ethics Center offered a rich program of events during the recently completed academic year dealing with key ethical issues in public life.  Take a look at the highlights.

  •  Student Fellows Named

    Friday, Jun. 18, 2010 1:08 PM

    The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics is pleased to announce the selection of the following seniors-to-be as Hackworth Fellows for the academic year 2010-2011. Hackworth Fellows work with their undergraduate peers to promote ethical reflection on a broad range of topics.

    • Justin Gilio of Fresno, Calif., an economics major with a pre-law emphasis in philosophy. Justin will be working on law and ethics issues pertinent to the many pre-law students at SCU.
    • Kadee Mardula of Park City, Utah, a mechanical engineering major. Kadee will be developing programs on such topics as codes of ethics for the different engineering disciplines pursued by her peers in the School of Engineering.
    •  Meghan Skarzynski of Wilmette, Ill., a finance major. Meghan will be developing programs for her peers in the Leavey School of Business.

    The Hackworth Fellowships in Applied Ethics are supported by the generosity of Mike and Joan Hackworth, longtime supporters of the Ethics Center and of SCU.

    L-R: Kadee Mardula, Meghan Skarzynski, Justin Gilio
    L-R: Kadee Mardula, Meghan Skarzynski, Justin Gilio
  •  Grants Support Ethics Research

    Wednesday, Jun. 16, 2010 9:24 AM

    The Ethics Center awarded five Hackworth Research Grants to Santa Clara University faculty and students with projects on applied ethics. 

    Faculty awards went to:

    Yekaterina Bezrukova, Assistant Professor, SCU Psychology,  "When No One is Watching: Ethical Behavior in Groups"

    John Ifcher, Lecturer, SCU Economics,  "Happiness Inequality and Income Growth"

    Chad Raphael, Associate Professor, SCU Communication, "A More Deliberative Union: Equality and Publicity in Deliberative Democracy"

    Student Awards went to:

    Rochelle Stowe, SCU '10,  "Research Ethics and the Reduction of Ecological Footprints of Biological Research Stations"

    Adelene Gallego Ramos, SCU MBA Student, for a film project called "Social Entrepreneurs, Ethics, and Making a Profit on the Bottom Billion"

    The Hackworth Grants are made possible by a gift from Michael and Joan Hackworth.

  •  Markkula Prize Awarded

    Monday, Jun. 14, 2010 2:23 PM

    SCU senior and Hackworth Fellow Courtney Meehan was awarded the 2010 Markkula Prize at a luncheon for graduates June 11.  Meehan was honored for her creation of, her blog on ethics and technology. 

    The Markkula Prize honors students who have made an outstanding contribution in ethics.  It was named for A.C. "Mike" Markkula, Jr., who has been a longtime supporter of the Center.  Courtney is pictured here (left) with Krisit Markkula Bowers, director of the Markkula Foundation.

  •  MBA Oath

    Wednesday, Jun. 9, 2010 10:30 AM

    As students all over the country graduate from MBA programs, many will be givent he opportunity to sign the MBA Oath, a pledge to create value ethically and responsibly.  Kirk O. Hanson, the Center's executive director, talks with Center staff and SCU faculty about whether the oath is the right approach to encouraging more ethical behavior in the business world.

  •  Ethics of War

    Thursday, Nov. 12, 2009 4:27 PM

    David DeCosse, Director of Campus Ethics Programs, met on November 11 with Santa Clara University ROTC officers, their commander, Lt. Col. Shawn Cowley, and one of their Army instructors, Captain Rob McMahon. In a three-hour class on the ethics of war, Dr. DeCosse and the cadets addressed such issues as the moral justification for killing in war; the use of the ethical principle of double effect in making judgments about the protection of civilians; and the ethical questions arising from the case of the Navy Seal Lt. Michael Murphy, who posthumously won the Medal of Honor after a 2005 battle in Afghanistan in which he and his Navy Seal colleagues refused to kill Afghan civilians who then revealed the Seals' position to the Taliban. Dr. DeCosse teaches the Ethics of War and Peace in the Department of Religious Studies at SCU. The Ethics Center looks forward to continuing its fruitful engagement with the officers of SCU's ROTC unit.

  •  Members Only

    Sunday, Nov. 1, 0201 2:16 AM

    Should student clubs at state universities be allowed to require their leaders to share the club's beliefs?  That was the issue in the Supreme Court case Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, which forms the basis for the current case study on The Big Q

    The Big Q project brings students from universities across the country into dialog about the ethical issues in their everyday lives.  This case is also being used by a Santa Clara University class on Christianity and politics.  The best student comment on the case wins a $100 Amazon gift certificate.