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Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Engineers Without Borders Santa Clara University is a student run organization working to collaborate with local partners to design and implement sustainable engineering projects while also creating transformative experiences and responsible leaders. Currently we are working with 3 communities:

1) El Pital, Honduras: to provide reliable access to potable water, and a supplementary education curriculum. The long term goal for our club is to assist and empower the community to become self-sufficient, economically secure, and sustainable.

2) Nyange, Rwanda: to improve the clay mixing and roof tile making efficiency and output. Long term goals include working with the community to reduce their environmental impact and create a micro-enterprise of roof tile sales to the local economy.

3) Amman, Jordan: to help refugee camps create education curriculums for students. We are collaborating the SCU Arabic program and ACM (Associan for Computer Machinery) to program lesson plans onto 'raspberry pi' microcomputers.

Events, Activities & Educational Outreach
  • Designathon (hackathon for tangible devices aimed at developing communities)
  • Annual Networking & Benefit Fundraiser
  • Local projects (Third Street elementary, EcoMagic sustainable living)
  • Bi-monthly General Meetings
  • Travel for Project Implementation
  • Barbeques
  • Kickball Fundraiser

President: Mohit Nalavadi
Faculty Advisor: Tonya Nilsson
Organization Contact Email:
President Email:

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