Santa Clara University


American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Civil engineering is not just what we major in. It's the heuristic we use to
navigate through the world. We’re observant and we take nothing for
granted. We don’t see a library, but instead we see a complex structure of
steel and lumber, a system of beams and girders that supports its own
weight in addition to live loads generated by daily use. We are responsible
for keeping people safe through the design and construction of foundations,
buildings, bridges, highways, water treatment plants, etc. We help students
learn about their future profession and give them opportunities to work on
design-build projects while they are here so that they can learn from their
mistakes on small-scale projects. Applying theoretical knowledge from the
classroom to practical projects in the lab equips our members for being a
competent, conscientious and compassionate employee after they
graduate from SCU.

Some of our events include:

Mid-Pac Competitions
• Concrete Canoe
• Steel Bridge
• Geo-Challenge
• Water Treatment
Annual Civil Engineering Career Fair
Resume Workshops
Construction Site Tours
Company Info Sessions
Barbeque Lunches

All majors welcome!

Events, Activities & Educational Outreach
  • Kick-off BBQ
  • Bowling
  • General Meetings
  • Laser Tag
  • Mid-Pacific Conference
  • Annual Career Fair

President: Alexei Sinkevich
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Steven Chiesa
Organization Contact Email:

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