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Bronco Pride

Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013

Today, the competition phase of the Solar Decathlon ended when the overall winners were announced. Provost Dennis Jacobs, Dean Godfrey Mungal, and a number of faculty and staff members were there to cheer our Broncos on as Santa Clara University held steady at 11th Place following a 5th Place finish in Engineering.

Last night Dean Godfrey Mungal hosted our Solar Decathletes, their family members, faculty and staff at a dinner to honor the team. We were also delighted to have several members of Santa Clara's 2007 and 2009 teams join us. It was a fun night of sharing highlights and challenges and letting the team know how proud we are of their tremendous accomplishment. Faculty project manager Tim Hight lauded the team for their effort, and for their extraordinary cohesiveness, saying "the work you've done is just outstanding and those who get to go along for the ride are very appreciative." The Dean thanked the team on behalf of the entire School of Engineering, stating that the sense of pride and strength they have gained through participating in this project is something they will carry with them the rest of their lives.

Then it was student project leader Jake Gallau's (Class of 2013) turn to speak. "No one but the students can know what it took and what it took out of us to be a part of this. It was hell at times, but we built a beautiful home that we can be proud of." Jay Dubashi '15, who developed a love for the project by volunteering as a high school student to help with Santa Clara's 2009 entry in the Solar Decathlon, tugged everyone's heartstrings when he said, "It's been one hell of a journey. It really changed my life; it changed who I am and made me who I am."

It's this spirit of commitment to giving of themselves that led civil engineering professor Tonya Nilsson to declare, "It keeps me optimistic knowing folks like you are leading the way to a better future; I'm so proud of what you've done. Go, you!"

The 2013 Santa Clara University Solar Decathlon team can stand proudly beside their fellow Santa Clara Solar Decathletes. They brought a vision of a sustainable future to life for thousands of visitors with their elegantly efficient Radiant House. They learned, and grew, and inspired others with their astonishing effort. Congratulations, team; you make us so proud! Go Broncos!

If you would like to post a congratulatory note to the team, go to their Facebook page.

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