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And, so, it begins...

Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013

Today marks the official start of the 2013 Solar Decathlon! (Watch it live here at 9:30 a.m.) And after a mad scurry of work yesterday, all 19 homes that are onsite are ready to go for public tours today. Great news for all those hard-working Decathletes.

Speaking of hard-working Decathletes, aside from our team of students and faculty advisors, parents Cathy and Rob Avon have been a tremendous support to the Broncos—keeping the team well fed and pitching in to finish the interior by patching, sanding, painting...whatever. You may notice white roses in the Radiant House kitchen in some of our photos; that is Cathy's handiwork, too. Those two are rock stars!

Today the competition begins. Ten contests. Nineteen teams. One much better world for their efforts. Help cheer SCU on by posting a message on their Facebook page. Go Broncos!

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