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Day 2 Construction: All Hands on Deck

Wednesday, Sep. 25, 2013

Dr. Hight reports that Tuesday was another very busy and productive day, focusing mostly on maneuvering each section of the huge, wrap-around deck into place with a reach-forklift and SCU’s customized rigging system. The deck is a key feature of Radiant House—made of sustainable bamboo, it provides the seamless indoor/outdoor extended living area that has distinguished Santa Clara's 2007 Ripple House and 2009 Refract House. People love our decks, and this one will be a stunner!

Meanwhile, work continued on the interior with electrical connections between the home's modules reestablished and preparations for connecting to the grid being made. Drywall, floor molding, and other touch up work was done to erase any signs that just yesterday Radiant House was transported to the site in four separate pieces.

Morale is high, thanks in part to one team member’s mother who has been bringing wonderful lunches and dinners to the work site. “Great food, and a much reduced interruption to the house progress,” says Hight, who also notes that a walk through the Solar Village last night revealed that while “several more houses are taking shape, surprisingly, several lots look like the teams have barely started.” Not our Broncos; they are well on their way!

SCU is featured in  Decathlon Director Richard King's account of the first day of construction. Read it here.

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