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Ready, Set, Go!

Monday, Sep. 23, 2013

This morning, 20 teams of Solar Decathletes are moving their houses into The Great Park in Irvine, California, to prepare for the international competition that begins October 3. (More on the Solar Decathlon here.) Professor and Team Project Manager Tim Hight reports that while some teams' homes were held up in Arizona over the weekend due to a ban on driving large loads through the state on Sunday, SCU's Radiant House was in Southern California and ready to go well in advance.

That doesn't mean there haven't been a couple of hiccups, though. One of the truck drivers delivering the house "got a little too aggressive" and ran into a walk/don't walk sign at the entrance to the park. One of the home's modules was slightly damaged, but the team was prepared with extra siding panels so they will be able to make a quick fix as they reassemble the house. Someone also stepped on faculty advisor Fr. Jim Reites' glasses, so a quick trip to an optometrist was made to get them temporarily glued back together.

And, so, the fun begins! Keep watching this blog for regular updates on SCU's progress and check out the team's Facebook page. Go Broncos!

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