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Recent Faculty Publications

May, 2015

Aleksandar Zecevic and John Rose (both electrical engineering) were quoted in a story about Santa Clara's increased collaboration with international Jesuit universities in AJCU Connections, the magazine of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities.

Ahmed Amer (computer engineering) had his article, "Resisting Restrictions on the Right to Record" published by re/code. Read the article here.

Godfrey Mungal had a paper, "Temperature and number density measurement in non-uniform supersonic flowfields undergoing mixing using toluene PLIF thermometry" by Mirko Gamba, Victor A. Miller, M. Godfrey Mungal and Ronald K. Hanson, accepted for publication in Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics.

Brian Green (bioengineering and Markkula Center) was a respondent to the paper, "More than Information" by Noreen Herzfeld of the College of St. Benedict and St. John's University, Minnesota, at the 2015 J. K. Russell Research Conference in Berkeley. The topic of the conference was whether computers can attain consciousness, whether humans' minds can be uploaded into computers, and what might be at risk in such experiments.

Dan Lewis (computer engineering) was acknowledged as a contributor to a report from the Level Playing Field Institute, that discusses inequities in access to computer science curricula among California high schools.

April, 2015

Sukhmander Singh (civil engineering) presented a paper, "Restoring Inner Peace in a Science Dominated Society," co-authored with John Finnemore (professor emeritus), at the 5th International Conference on Religion and Spirituality held at U.C. Berkeley Apr. 16-17.

Hisham Said (civil engineering) has three accepted papers in the 2015 CSCE International Construction Specialty Conference (ICSC) held June 7-9 in Vancouver, Canada. The papers are: "Telematics Data-Driven Prognostics System for Construction Heavy Equipment Health Monitoring and Assessment" with Tony Nicoletti (DPL America); "Construction Space Float Definition, Quantification, and Analysis" with Gunnar Lucko (the Catholic University of America); and "Predictive Modeling of Prefabrication Feasibility for the United States Electrical Contracting Firms."

Santa Clara University was mentioned in an op-ed piece in the New York Times about attracting more female engineers with projects designed to benefit society. Elizabeth Sweeny (Frugal Innovation Lab) was interviewed for the piece. Read the full article here.

Panthea Sepehrband (mechanical engineering), with Xiang Wang (McMaster University, Canada), Haiou Jin (CanmetMATERIALS, Canada), and Shahrzad Esmaeili (University of Waterloo, Canada), have a paper, "Microstructural evolution during non-isothermal annealing of a precipitation-hardenable aluminum alloy: experiment and simulation" accepted for publication in Acta Materialia. The journal has a 5-year average impact factor of 4.293.

Nam Ling (computer engineering), with Jianjun Lei, Cuicui Zhang, Chunping Hou (all Tianjin University, China), Yuming Fang (Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, China), and Zhouye Gu (Arris, USA), have their article, "Depth Sensation Enhancement for Multiple Virtual View Rendering," pp. 457-469, published as the first article in the April 2015 issue (Vol. 17, No. 4) of the IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, a top-tier journal in the multimedia field. Read the article here.

Nam Ling (computer engineering) delivered an APSIPA distinguished lecture at Tianjin University, China, Apr. 20.

Mark Weiner (marketing and engineering adjunct lecturer) wrote an article for VentureBeat with tips for hopeful entrepreneurs. Read it here.

Bonita Banducci (engineering adjunct lecturer) was quoted in the Silicon Valley Business Journal's article, "Business decency for dummies: 10 lessons from the Pao trial." Find it here.

Bioengineering's Krzysztof Izdebski and Yuling Yan (along with co-authors) have a new book out, Normal and Abnormal Vocal Folds Kinematics, containing 25 chapters written by international experts covering the principles of emerging optical technologies in the studies of normal and abnormal kinematics, appearance and behavior of the human vocal folds. Find it here on Amazon.

Elizabeth Sweeny (Frugal Innovation Lab) was an invited presenter at InnoFrugal, a conference sponsored by the Finnish Foreign Ministry in Helsinki, Finland, Apr. 16. She presented "Educating Next-Generation Workforce in Frugal Innovation" and participated in the panel discussion, "High Tech-Low Cost."

Sukhmander Singh (civil engineering) presented an invited talk, "Pursuit of Excellence in Education," at the International House at the University of California, Berkeley on Apr. 12.

Panthea Sepehrband, Calvin Tszeng, and visiting scholar Maryam Gholamirad (mechanical engineering) presented their research, "On the Micromechanisms of Ultrasonic Bond Formation," at the IEEE International Reliability Innovations Conference, IRIC 2015.

Panthea Sepehrband (mechanical engineering), Bersabe Morales (MS student), and Andres Maldonado-Liu '16 presented their research, "A Technique to Quantify Recrystallization," at The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society's (TMS) 2015 Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

Yuling Yan (bioengineering) is co-author on the paper, "New genetically-encoded sensors of protein hydrodynamics and molecular proximity," accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Maryam Khanbaghi and Samiha Mourad (electrical engineering) were invited speakers at the i-PCGRID Workshop 2015, a workshop on System Protection and Control hosted and co-organized by PG&E in San Francisco. Their presentation, "Building the Next Generation of Engineers," was on education and industry partnership—in particular, the introduction of new technologies and how academics are integrating advanced topics into core curriculum to prepare new minds for the practical market of today.

March, 2015

Sergio Zarantonello (applied mathematics) and Ed Karrels (computer engineering) presented the paper "S5455: High Capability Multidimensional Data Compression on GPUs" at the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, CA, Mar. 20. Co-authors are Drazen Fabris (mechanical engineering), Bonnie Smithson '99 (MS electrical engineering), David Concha (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain), and Anupam Goyal (Algorithmica LLC).

Dan Lewis (computer engineering) gave an invited presentation, "Computer Science in California's K-12 Public Schools," to a group of 120 K-12 teachers and administrators at the P-16 meeting of the Merced County Office of Education on March 27.

On Shun Pak (mechanical engineering) presented an invited seminar in the Fluid Mechanics Seminar Series at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, Mar. 26, 2015.

Brian Green (bioengineering and Markkula Center) had an op-ed in the San Jose Mercury News on whether, in the future under certain circumstances, autopilots ought to be able to override pilots who are making serious errors, such as the Germanwings pilot who recently crashed into the Alps. Read it here.

Sukhmander Singh (civil engineering) presented a paper entitled "Relevance of Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning for Engineering Education" on Mar. 18 at the 7th International Forum on Engineering Education, held at the University of Sharjah in Dubai.

Frugal Innovation Lab: Silvia Figueira (computer engineering) was interviewed and quoted in an article for One World Business about designing technology solutions for emerging markets, specifically mobile.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi and Thomas Paul (electrical engineering) had a journal paper, "The Quaternion Maximum Correntropy Algorithm," accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems –II (TCAS-II).

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering) presented a public lecture, "Technology Convergence and the Promise of Internet of Things: Prospects for Developing Economies," as part of the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship (ADF) Program.

Rafae Bhatti (computer engineering) and Paul D. Martin were granted a patent by the USPTO for their method of preventing healthcare privacy breaches by using integrated audit and access control. Read more here.

Ramesh Abhari (electrical engineering) attended and presented a paper at the 2015 IEEE Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility and Signal Integrity, Mar. 15-20. The paper, "Signal Integrity and EMI Evaluations of An RFID- Sensor Tag for Internet-of-Things Applications," is co-authored by  Ph.D. student Svetoslav (Sam) Mandev.

Chris Kitts (mechanical engineering) gave the invited talk, "Multi-Robot Adaptive Navigation and Sampling with Marine Robots," at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), Mar. 16.

Robert Marks (mechanical engineering), Maria Pantoja (computer engineering), Eric Shono (mechanical engineering graduate student), Ed Karrels (computer engineering), and David Concha (Univ. Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid) presented a poster entitled, "Atomic Level Simulation of Morphological Evolution in Multi-Phase Crystalline Systems" at the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, CA, Mar. 17.Maria Pantoja, Damian Ruiz Coll (Politechnic University of Valencia), Gerardo Fernandez-Escribano (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha) also presented their paper "S5365 CTB directional gradient detection using 2D-DWT for Intra-frame prediction in HEVC."

Radhika Grover (electrical engineering) is presenting a poster, "An Obstacle Detecting Sensor for the Blind and Visually Impaired," at the IEEE RFID conference Apr. 15-17, 2015, in San Diego, CA.

February, 2015

Miok Kim, computer engineering PhD student, and Nam Ling (computer engineering) have a paper, "Object Boundary based Synthesized View Distortion Estimation," accepted by the 10th IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications (ICIEA 2015), to be held June 15-17, 2015, in Auckland, New Zealand.

Yuling Yan (bioengineering) and collaborators have a paper, “A method of extending the depth of focus of the high-resolution X-ray imaging system employing optical lens and scintillator: a phantom study,” published in Biomed Eng. Online. 2015;14 Suppl 1:S15.

Yi Fang (computer engineering) had a paper, "SP-SVM: Large Margin Classifier for Data on Multiple Manifolds," authored by Bin Shen, Baodi Liu, Qifan Wang, Yi Fang and Jan Allebach, accepted as oral presentation in the Twenty-Ninth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Austin, TX, 2015. AAAI is the top conference in Artificial Intelligence with an acceptance rate of only 11.9% for oral presentation.

Hohyun Lee (mechanical engineering) and mechanical engineering graduates Brandon Oh'ara '13, MS '15, Mark Wagner '14, Patrick Watson '12, Rachel Donohoe '14, Claire Kunkle '14, Russell Williams '14, Michael Chong '12, Rachel Wilmoth '14, and Kerbasi Ugarte '14 have a paper accepted for publication:  B. Y. Ohara, M. F. Wagner, P. Watson, R. Donohoe, C. Kunkle, R. Williams, M. Z. Chong, R. Wilmoth, K. Ugarte, and H. Lee*, “Residential Scale Concentrated Solar Thermoelectric System for Combined Heat and Electricity,” Journal of Electronic Materials (2015).

Yi Fang and Nam Ling (computer engineering), together with Juan Hu (former computer engineering doctoral student) and Li Song (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China), have a book chapter, "Chapter 19: Topic Modeling for Large-Scale Multimedia Analysis and Retrieval," in Big Data: Algorithms, Analytics, and Applications (edited by Kuan-Ching Li, Hai Jiang, Laurence T. Yang, Alfredo Cuzzocrea), to be published on February 26, 2015, by Chapman and Hall/CRC.

Sarah Kate Wilson (electrical engineering) presented a paper, "The Acoustic Channel and Delay: A Tale of Capacity and Loss," by Yashar Aval, Sarah Kate Wilson, and Milica Stojanovic at the Information Theory Applications (ITA) Workshop, Feb. 2. Her co-authors are from Northeastern University, Boston, MA.

Suchitra Abel (computer engineering visiting scholar) has a chapter, "Uncertainty Modeling: The Computational Economists' View on Cyberwarfare," in Intelligent Methods for Cyber Warfare (Springer). The chapter has been referenced twice in a Master's Thesis in England.

January, 2015

Zhouye Gu and Nam Ling (both computer engineering), together with Jianhua Zheng and Philipp Zhang (Huawei/Hisilicon), have a paper, "Low Complexity Bi-Partition Mode Selection for 3D Video Depth Intra Coding," accepted by the journal Displays (special issue on Next Generation TV Systems and Technologies), Elsevier.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi and Thomas Paul (electrical engineering) have a paper, “A Kernel Adaptive Algorithm for Quaternion-Valued Inputs,” accepted in the IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (TNNLS).

Hisham Said (civil engineering) was invited by the council of ELECTRI International Foundation to attend their winter meeting (Jan. 22, San Diego, CA) and present the results of his Early Career Award research about “Industrialization of Electrical Contracting: Prefabrication and Supply Chain.” The detailed final report is published on ELECTRI’s website.

Zhouye Gu and Nam Ling (computer engineering), together with Jianhua Zheng and Philipp Zhang (Huawei/Hisilicon), have a paper, "Fast Segment-Wise DC Coding for 3D Video Compression," accepted by the IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2015), to be held in Lisbon, Portugal, May 24-27, 2015.

Ruth E. Davis (Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, computer engineering), Shoba Krishnan (electrical engineering), Tonya L. Nilsson (civil engineering), and Patti Fylling Rimland (engineering undergraduate studies), published a journal paper, "IDEAS: Interdisciplinary Design Engineering and Service," in a recent special edition of the International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering, Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship (IJSLE).

Zhouye Gu and Nam Ling (both computer engineering), together with Jianjun Lei, Cuicui Zhang, Chunping Hou (all Tianjin University, China), and Yuming Fang (Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, China), have a journal paper, "Depth Sensation Enhancement for Multiple Virtual View Rendering," accepted by the prestigious IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, on January 8.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering) gave an invited talk, "Scalable Multi-rate Speech Coders for VoIP Networks," at Southern Methodist University (SMU), Dallas, TX, in December. He also presented full-day workshops, "Introduction to Adaptive Filter Theory," for IEEE Region 8 in December.

Edwin Maurer (civil engineering) gave an invited presentation, "Using Climate Model Output in Hydrologic Impact Studies: Consequences of Correcting Biases at Different Scales," at the 2014 fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), Dec. 15-19 in San Francisco.

Zhouye Gu and Nam Ling (both computer engineering), together with Jianhua Zheng and Philipp Zhang (Huawei/Hisilicon), filed a non-provisional U.S. patent, "System and Method for Estimating View Synthesis Distortion," Jan. 2, 2015; application number 14588646.

Yuling Yan (bioengineering) and collaborators have a paper, “Semi-Automated Tracking of Vibrissal Movements in Free-moving Rodents Captured by High-speed Videos,” accepted for presentation at the ICBBE 2015 (XIII International Conference on Biophysical and Biomedical Engineering).

Mark Aschheim and Tonya Nilsson (civil engineering) had an article accepted for publication: Echeverria, J., Sampson, C., Vargas, J., Nilsson, T., Gil-Martin, L. M., and Aschheim, M. (2014). "A Bamboo Braced Frame System for Tropical Climates," Informes de la Construcción.

Hohyun Lee (mechanical engineering) had two papers included in a selection of highly cited articles co-authored by colleagues of Mildred S. Dresselhaus, recent recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, bringing great visibility to SCU. Read more.

December, 2014

E. John Finnemore, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering, has organized and edited teachings of the Universal Spiritual Brother&Sisterhood (USB) into book form and Spiritual Light: Universal Teachings from the Highest Spirit Realms is now available in paperback and deluxe versions on the USB website and on Amazon.

A book chapter including original research results, "Polystyrene Wound Dressings," co-authored by Maryam Mobed-Miremadi (bioengineering), graduate students Diana Grandio (bioengineering/mechanical engineering) and Jeffrey Kunkel (bioengineering) has been accepted for publication in Wound Healing Biomaterials Vol 2: Functional Biomaterials, Woodhead Publishing, Editor: Magnus Agren.

Yuling Yan (bioengineering) and collaborators have a paper, “Experimental Design and Signal Selection for the Construction of a Robot Control System Based on EEG Signals,” accepted for publication in Robotics and Biomimetics.

Chris Kitts' (mechanical engineering) second article, "Give Me a Break," is now available on Illuminate: Bright Ideas from SCU Thought Leaders.

Edwin Maurer (civil engineering) and Iris Stewart (ESS) were co-authors on a paper that was just published: Climate change and stream temperature projections in the Columbia River basin: habitat implications of spatial variation in hydrologic drivers, D.L. Ficklin, B.L. Barnhart, J.H. Knouft, I.T. Stewart, E.P. Maurer, S.L. Letsinger, and G.W. Whittaker, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 2014, 18, pp. 4897-4912.

Ahmed Amer (computer engineering) wrote an op-ed about why net neutrality is important that ran in WSJ Marketwatch.

Maryam Mobed-Miremadi (bioengineering) and colleagues have published a paper, "Fickian-Based Empirical Approach for Diffusivity Determination in Hollow Alginate-Based Microfibers Using 2D Fluorescence Microscopy and Comparison with Theoretical Predictions," in Materials (Biomaterials section), an international, peer-reviewed, open-access publication of related scientific research and technology development.

Hisham Said (civil engineering), Tony Nicoletti (DPL America) and Peter Perez-Hernandez (B.Sc. student) have an accepted paper in the ASCE Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering: "Utilizing Telematics Data to Support Effective Equipment Fleet-Management Decisions: Utilization Rate and Hazard Functions."

November, 2014

On Shun Pak (mechanical engineering) presented two talks, "Viscous Marangoni migration of a drop in a Poiseuille flow at low surface Peclet numbers" and "Coupling a mechanosensitive channel with a vesicle under shear flow," at the 67th Annual American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting, Nov. 23-25, San Francisco, CA.

Hohyun Lee (mechanical engineering) and Prashanth Asuri (bioengineering) along with current and former students made two presentations at the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition 2014, Montreal, Canada, Nov. 14-20: "Investigating the Relationships Between Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Hydrogel Nanocomposites" Josergio Zaragoza, (BS BioE ’13, MS BioE 15), Nasim Babhadiashar (MS BioE 15), Victor O’Brien (BS BioE ’15), Andrew Chen (BS BioE ’16), Hohyun Lee, and Prashanth Asuri; and "Nanofluid PCMs for Thermal Energy Storage" Aitor Zabalegui (BSME ’10, MSME ’13), Dhananjay Lokapur (MSME ’13), and Hohyun Lee.

Zhouye Gu and Nam Ling (computer engineering), together with Jianhua Zheng and Philipp Zhang (Hi-silicon/Huawei), filed a non-provisional U.S. patent (application no. 14/515,930) and a PCT patent application (application no. PCT/SU2014/060873), "Improved Reference Pixel Selection and Filtering for Intra Coding of Depth Map," on Oct. 16, 2014.

Ralph Morganstern (applied mathematics) has published the second volume of the Numerical Analysis series which he uses for his classes. His books are available on Amazon.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi, M.J. (Sim) Narasimha (electrical engineering) and Roberto Togneri (Univ. of Western Australia) edited a book, Speech and Audio Processing for Coding, Enhancement and Recognition. The book has been published by Springer and is available here.

Tokunbo Ogunfumi and former PhD student Koji Seto have published a book chapter, "Scalable and Multi-rate Speech Coding for Voice over IP Networks."

Pete Woytowitz (mechanical and civil engineering adjunct professor) presented "Buckling Sensitivity of Lines in Semiconductor Devices" at the Dassault Systemes Simulia West Users Conference held in San Jose.

Brian Green (Markkula Center for Applied Ethics) was interviewed for an article by Art Pine, of PRISM, the magazine of the American Society for Engineering Education, on the ethics of the GM ignition switch problem. The article came out in the November issue; read it here.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi and recent Ph.D. graduate Koji Seto (electrical engineering) had a conference paper entitled "Performance Enhanced Scalable Wideband Speech Coding for IP Networks" presented at the 2014 Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, Nov. 2 - 5.

Sally Wood (electrical engineering) attended the 48th Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers in Pacific Grove, California on Nov. 3 - 5. She was a coauthor on the paper entitled "Eigentextures: An SVD Approach to Automated Paper Classification."

Chris Kitts (mechanical engineering) gave an invited presentation and demonstration on SCU's work in UAV and drone applications at a Silicon Valley technology forum hosted by the Hogan Lovells International Law Firm in Menlo Park on Nov. 5.

October, 2014

Zhouye Gu and Nam Ling (computer engineering), together with Jianhua Zheng and Philipp Zhang (Hisilicon/Huawei), filed a U.S. Provisional Patent, "System and Method for Depth Map Coding for Smooth Depth Map Area," Application no. 62/063,305, on Oct. 13, 2014.

Mohammad Ayoubi (mechanical engineering) and Chokri Sendi (ME Ph.D.) had an article entitled "Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Model-Based Control of Spacecraft With Flexible Appendage" accepted for publication in the Journal of Astronautical Sciences.

Ralph Morganstern (applied mathematics) recently published the first book in a two-part series on Numerical Analysis that is used for his classes. The book, "Numerical Analysis I: Lecture Slide Series (Volume 1)," is now available on Amazon.

Brandon Ohara (ME BS '13, MS '15), Ryne Sitar (ME BS '14), Joseph Soares (ME BS '14, MS '16), Paul Novisoff (ME BS '14), Arturo Nunez Perez (ME BS '14), and Hohyun Lee (mechanical engineering), had their paper titled, "Optimization Strategies for Portable Thermoelectric Vaccine Refrigeration System in Developing Communities" accepted at Journal of Electronic Materials. Journal of Electronic Materials is the most viewed journal in the thermoelectric society.

Nam Ling (computer engineering) delivered a Keynote Speech, "3D Video Coding and its Applications: The New Generation," at the 2014 Workshop on Image and Video Processing for Applications in Electronic Information Science Investigation, held in Xi'an, China, Oct. 20-22.

Dragoslav Siljak, (electrical engineering, retired) had two books listed in the 100 best sellers on Amazon in the category System Theory: Large Scale Dynamic Systems (North-Holland, 1978; Paperback, Dover, 2007) and Decentralized Control of Complex Systems (Academic Press, 1991; Paperback, Dover 2011). It is extremely rare for an author to have two books listed at the same time in System Theory.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi  (electrical engineering) served as a lead guest editor for a special issue, "Re-Thinking Circuits and Systems Education: Exploring New Pedagogies and Approaches," of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine, Third Quarter 2014.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi  and Mahmud Rahman  (electrical engineering), with Geoffrey Herman (Univ. of Illinois) have a journal paper, “On the use of Concept Inventories for Circuits and Systems courses,” in the IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine Special Issue Third Quarter 2014.

The School of Engineering was heavily represented at the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC 2014) in San Jose: Radha Basu (Frugal Innovation Lab) was the moderator and Silvia Figueira (computer engineering) was a speaker at the Humanitarian Technology Innovation @ Silicon Valley Panel and Figueira also made three presentations: two with students Kevin Nguyen, Shweta Pantitrao; and Kelsey Dedoshka, Katie Le, Kaitlin Kirasich;  and one with Natalie Linnell (math/cs) and students Vincente Ciancio, Lauren Falzarano, Neil Chintala. Also presented: Unyoung (Ashley) Kim (bioengineering) with student Jessica VanderGiessen; Yi Fang and Jo Anne Holliday (computer engineering) with student Vishnu Pendyala; and Ahmed Amer (computer engineering) with student Phillip Peralez.

Dan Lewis (computer engineering) presented the paper he and Silvia Figueira wrote, "Attracting a New Generation of Students to Computing," at CCSC NW 2014 Conference in Spokane, WA, Oct. 10-11.

Godfrey Mungal had a paper presented: V. A. Miller, V. A. Troutman, M. G. Mungal & R. K. Hanson (2014) "20 kHz tracer-based PLIF of a jet in crossflow in an expansion tube," 17th International Symposium on Applications of Laser Techniques to Fluid Mechanics, Lisbon, Portugal, 07-10 July, 2014.

Zhouye Gu and Nam Ling (computer engineering), together with Jianhua Zheng and Philipp Zhang from Huawei/Hisilicon, had a proposal, "Fast Intra SDC coding for 3D-HEVC Intra Coding" (JCT3V- I0123), adopted at the 9th meeting of the Joint Collaborative Team on 3D Video Coding Extension Development of ITU-T SG 16 WP 3 and ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11 in Sapporo, Japan, July 3-9.

Chris Kitts (mechanical engineering) presented a paper on underwater multirobot formation control at the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society's AUV 2014 conference in Oxford, Mississippi, Oct. 6-9.

Prashanth Asuri (bioengineering) and his undergraduate students Mark-Phillip Pebworth and Sabrina A. Cismas had a paper, "A novel 2.5D culture platform to investigate the role of stiffness gradients on adhesion-independent cell migration," accepted for publication in PLoS One, an international, peer-reviewed, open-access, online publication that features reports of original research from all disciplines within science and medicine.

September, 2014

Zhouye Gu and Nam Ling  (computer engineering), together with Jianhua Zheng and Philipp Zhang (Huawei/Hisilicon), filed a European Patent (application number EP 13702692.8), "Reference Pixel Reduction for Intra LM Prediction," in September 2014.

August, 2014

Dan Lewis (computer engineering) was invited by Mike Kirst, President of the California State Board of Education to give a talk on "Teacher Supply and Training in K-12" at the "Computer Science in K-12 Roundtable" meeting held at the Silicon Valley Education Foundation Aug. 26.

Mohammad Ayoubi (mechanical engineering) presented two papers with his Ph.D. students, Lilit Mazmanyan and Chokri Sendi, at the AIAA/AAS Astrodynamics Specialist Conference in San Diego, Aug. 4-7. Sendi, C. and Ayoubi, M. A., "Robust Fuzzy-Logic Based Control of Flexible Spacecraft with H_infinity Performance Criteria," and Mazmanyan, L. and Ayoubi, M. A., "Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Model-Based Attitude Control of Spacecraft with Partially-Filled Fuel Tanks.”

July, 2014

Nam Ling (computer engineering) served as the first Keynote Speaker and delivered "The Next Generation of 3D Video Coding Technology" July 13 at the 7th IEEE International Conference on Uni-Media Computing (UMEDIA 2014), held in the campus of the National University of Mongolia, in Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator), Mongolia, July 12-14.

June, 2014

Zhouye Gu and Nam Ling (computer engineering), together with Jianhua Zheng and Chen-Xiong Zhang (Hisilicon/Huawei), filed two provisional U.S. patents, "Method of Intra SDC Coding" (application number 62/017,625) and "Method of Depth Based Block Partitioning" (application number 62/017,637), on June 26.

Hohyun Lee, Aitor Zabalegui '10, MS '13, (mechanical engineering), and their collaborator had a paper, "Multiple high-temperature transitions driven by dynamical structures in NaI," accepted for publication in the journal, Physical Review B.

Brian Green (bioengineering and Markkula Center) contributed to a letter (with 21 authors) on synthetic biology and society, published in one of the world's top two journals, Nature. The idea put forth in the letter is that science and technology are to serve society and not the reverse. Read it here.

Mohammad Ayoubi (mechanical engineering) presented a paper, "Fuzzy model-based pitch stabilization and wing vibration suppression of flexible aircraft,"  at the American Control Conference in Portland, OR, June 4-6, at which he also chaired a session on "Aircraft flight control systems."

Simon Koo (computer engineering) had the following papers accepted for conferences, all co-authored with undergraduate students: With Diane Keng, “Spatial standards for Internet of Things,” 2014 IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things (iThings 2014), Taipei, Taiwan, Sept. 1-3; With Eric Beckmann and Lauren Jauco, "Green Networking: Developing Sustainable Computer Networks,”  and Jesse Harder "Internet of Things in Home Automation and Energy Efficient Smart Home Technologies,” 2014 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC2014), San Diego, Oct. 5-8.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering) presented a tutorial, “Principles of Adaptive Filters: Recent Advances and Open Problems,” at the 2014 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) Conference.

Koji Seto and Tokunbo Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering) had a paper, “Packet loss robust scalable speech coding using the Discrete Wavelet Transform,”  and Md A. Sattar, Norman Gunther, Mahmud Rahman and Tokunbo Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering) also had a paper, “A Novel Pedagogical Method for Integrated Circuit and Systems Education Using the Variational Thermodynamic Principle,” at the 2014 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS).

May, 2014

Yuling Yan (bioengineering) and her students June Kim and Tailong Shi had a paper, “Delineating the Glottal Edge Using Region-Growing Method,” accepted for presentation at The 8th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering (iCBBE 2014), Suzhou, China, Sept. 20-22.

Juan Hu (computer engineering MS student), Yi Fang, Nam Ling (both computer engineering), and Li Song (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China) had a book chapter, "Topic Modeling for Large-scale Multimedia Analysis and Retrieval," accepted to be published in the book, Big Data: Algorithms, Analytics, and Applications (Chapman & Hall/CRC Big Data Series), Taylor & Francis Group, USA, by the end of 2014.

Godfrey Mungal had a paper published: V. A. Miller, V. A. Troutman, M. G. Mungal & R. K. Hanson, “20 kHz toluene planar laser-induced fluorescence imaging of a jet in nearly sonic crossflow,” Applied Physics B, Lasers and Optics, May 2014.

Hisham Said (civil engineering) attended the 2014 Construction Research Congress, where he presented two papers and attended the annual business meeting of the ASCE Construction Research Council. He co-presented with Gunnar Lucko (Catholic University of America) the research work titled: “Spatially-Constrained Scheduling with Multi-Directional Singularity Functions.” He also presented another research work titled: “Analysis of the Growth Dynamics and Structure of Modular Building Construction Industry.”

Ruth Davis (undergraduate studies) gave a presentation about making room in the curriculum for study abroad at the annual meeting of the Global E3 at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, May 13. She was there with Susan Popkpo working to make more opportunities available for our students, including restarting the exchange program SCU once had with engineering at Lund University in Sweden.

Hohyun Lee (mechanical engineering) and his collaborator at the University of Colorado, Denver, had a paper accepted for publication: J. Park, H. Lee, and M. Bond, “Uninterrupted Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting using Temperature-Sensor-based Maximum Power Point Tracking System,” Energy Conversion and Management, 2014.

Chris Kitts (mechanical engineering) and students, staff and collaborators had two new journal articles accepted for publication: T. Adamek, C. Kitts, and I. Mas, "Gradient-Based Cluster Space Navigation for Autonomous Surface Vessels," IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics; and I. Mas and C. Kitts, "Dynamic Control of Mobile Multirobot Systems: The Cluster Space Formulation," IEEE ACCESS.

The Frugal Innovation Lab's workshop, "Empowering the Underserved One App @ a Time," recently presented at The Tech Museum of Innovation, was cited in the CTA's blog.

Miok Kim (PhD student), Nam Ling, and Zhouye Gu (all computer engineering), together with Li Song (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), had a paper, "Fast Skip Mode Decision with Rate-Distortion Optimization for High Efficiency Video Coding," accepted to be presented at the 2014 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo Workshop (ICMEW), in Chengdu, China, July 14-18.

Ali Abrishamchi (civil engineering) published a paper, “Three-Dimensional Turbulent Vortex Shedding From a Surface-Mounted Square Cylinder: Predictions With Large-Eddy Simulations and URANS,” together with Bassam Younis (UC Davis), in the journal, Fluids Engineering.

Zhouye Gu and Nam Ling  (computer engineering), together with Jianhua Zheng and Philipp Zhang (Huawei/Hisilicon) presented their proposal, "Improvement on illumination compensation reference pixels selection," JCT3V-H0128, at the 8th Meeting of the Joint Collaborative Team on 3D Video Coding Extension Development of ITU-T SG 16 WP 3 and ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11, in Valencia, Spain, Mar. 29 – Apr. 4.

April, 2014

Radha Basu (Frugal Innovation Lab) delivered a lecture for a social entrepreneurship MOOC through the State Department at 3 AM on Wednesday morning to a group of over 1,600 people in 8 countries. She and Elizabeth Sweeny prepared topics for discussion in entrepreneurship, frugal engineering, innovative business and financing models, and business plan preparation. A follow-up presentation on frugal core competencies, design process, and applications will be produced at a later date, by popular demand.

Mark Aschheim (computer engineering)  had a paper accepted for publication: Aschheim, M., Jalali, S, Ash, C., Donahue, K., and Hammer, M. (2012). “Allowable Shears for Strawbale Walls,” Journal of Structural Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers.

Chris Kitts, Mike Rasay, and six past/current Robotics Lab students are co-authors on a new journal paper entitled, "The O/OREOS mission - Astrobiology in low earth orbit," recently published in Acta Astronautica. This paper reviewed the NASA O/OREOS astrobiology small spacecraft mission, which launched in 2010 and which had a primary science experiment that operated for 16 months. SCU students have controlled this spacecraft since launch, executing several flight experiments that have led to two other journal articles (with SCU authors) in the journal Astrobiology.

Hisham Said (civil engineering) together with Gunnar Lucko (Catholic University of America) and Ahmed Bouferguene University of Alberta) had a paper, “Construction Spatial Modeling and Scheduling with Three-Dimensional Singularity Functions,” accepted for publication in the Journal of Automation in Construction to be published in its volume no. 43, July 2014, pages 132-43.

Yi Fang's (computer engineering) research group had two short papers, "Where Not to Go? Detecting Road Hazards Using Twitter," coauthored with master's students Avinash Kumar and Miao Jiang, and "Modeling the Dynamics of Personal Expertise," coauthored with Ph.D. student Archana Godavarthy, accepted for publication in the 37th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference, July 6-11—the premier conference in the field of Web search and information retrieval.

Nam Ling (computer engineering) was featured as the 59th distinguished speaker in the history of the Cuiying Distinguished Lecture Series of Lanzhou University, China. His lecture, "3D Video Coding and Our Related Research" was delivered Apr. 23 to a group of undergrad students and faculty. Cuiying Distinguished Lectures are exclusively delivered to undergrad students by renowned scholars including members of the academy. In his lecture, Ling also introduced SCU to the audience. The news of Ling's lecture and SCU is mentioned on the front page of Lanzhou University website; a report of his lecture/SCU and photo are featured here; and the announcement of his lecture is featured here.  Lanzhou University is a national level research university in China and ranked among China's top 30.

Aaron Melman (applied mathematics), Ed Karrels and Maria Pantoja (computer engineering) presented a poster, "Visualisation of polynomial zero inclusion regions," at the NVIDIA GTC Conference in San Jose, CA, March 24-27.

Simon Koo (computer engineering) and undergraduate student Jasper Tan (electrical engineering) had a paper, "A Survey of Technologies in Internet of Things," accepted for publication for the International Workshop on Internet of Things, part of the IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems (DCOSS 2014), Marina Del Rey, CA, May 26-28.

Walter Kozacky and Tokunbo Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering) had a conference paper, “An adaptive line enhancer based on the convex combination of two IIR filters,” accepted at the 2014 IEEE International Conference on Audio, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), May 4-9, Florence, Italy.

Koji Seto and Tokunbo Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering) had a conference paper, “Packet loss robust scalable speech coding using the Discrete Wavelet Transform,” accepted at the 2014 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), June 1-5, Melbourne, Australia.

Hisham Said (civil engineering), together with Khaled El-Rayes (University of Illinois), had a paper, “Automated multi-objective construction logistics optimization system,” accepted for publication in the Journal of Automation in Construction to be published in its volume no. 43, July 2014, pages 110-22.

Zhouye Gu and Nam Ling (computer engineering), together with Jianhua Zheng and Philipp Zhang (Hisilicon/Huawei), filed a U.S. provisional patent, "Reference Pixels Selection for Illumination Compensation," (US Provisional Application number 61/968,980), on March 21, 2014.

Sukhmander Singh (civil engineering)  had a paper, "A Critical Examination of ABET's Assessment Process," accepted for publication for the American Society for Engineering Education's 2014 ASEE Zone IV Conference, Apr. 26, Long Beach, CA.

March, 2014

Walter Kozacky and Tokunbo Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering) have a journal paper, “Convergence Analysis of an Adaptive Algorithm with Output Power Constraints,” accepted in the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems-II.

Maryam Mobed-Miremadi (bioengineering AYL) and colleagues have published an article, "Simulation and Verification of Macroscopic Isotropy of Hollow Alginate-Based Microfibers," in the Journal of Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine and Biotechnology.

Zhouye Gu and Nam Ling (computer engineering) together with Jianhua Zheng and Philipp Zhang (HiSilicon/Huawei), have a paper, "Fast Bi-Partition Mode Selection for 3D HEVC Depth Intra Coding," accepted by the 2014 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME'2014), to be held in Chengdu, China, July 14-18. More info:

Nam Ling (computer engineering) delivered an invited lecture, "3D Video Coding and Related Research," for the Colloquium Series at the University of Bridgeport School of Engineering, in Bridgeport, CT, Mar. 6.

Ed Maurer (civil engineering) had a paper published with a colleague at Scripps Institution of Oceonography: Maurer, E.P. and D.W. Pierce, 2014, "Bias correction can modify climate model-simulated precipitation changes without adverse affect on the ensemble mean,"  Hydrology and Earth System Science, 18, 915-925; a look at how removing biases from modeled climate change projections can modify the projected climate change, but as often as not, also improve the skill in the process.

Prashanth Asuri (bioengineering) had a paper accepted for publication: Ramamoorthi, K., Hara, J., Ito, C., and Asuri, P. (2014), "Role of three-dimensional matrix stiffness in regulating the response of human neural cells to toxins," in Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering (CMBE),  an official journal of the Biomedical Engineering Society publishing works that seek to understand and control the mechanical, chemical, and electrical processes of the cell.

Godfrey Mungal and co-authors Mirko Gamba and Victor Miller had their paper,  “The reacting transverse jet in supersonic crossflow: physics and properties (invited),”  accepted for presentation at the 20th AIAA International Space Planes and Hypersonic Systems and Technologies Conference, AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition, Atlanta, GA, 16-20 June 2014.

Ruth Davis (computer engineering) is featured in "Anita's Quilt - Threads of Inspiration," stories showcasing the accomplishments of women in technology from the Anita Borg Institute community while serving as motivation and empowerment for the next generation. In her "quilt patch," Ruth recounts how a love of mathematics, an appreciation of the beauty and elegance of computer science, and a passion for promoting STEM education to young women and girls has shaped her career. Read her story here.

February, 2014

Radhika Grover (computer engineering), Shoba Krishnan (electrical engineering), Terry Shoup (mechanical engineering), and Maryam Khanbaghi (electrical engineering) have their paper, "A Competition-Based Approach for Undergraduate Mechatronics Education Using the Arduino Platform," accepted for publication in the 4th Interdisciplinary Engineering Design & Education Conference (IEDEC 2014) proceedings.

A joint poster presentation, "Visualization of polynomial zero inclusion regions," by Ed Karrels, Maria Pantoja (computer engineering), and Aaron Melman (applied mathematics) was accepted for presentation at the GPU Technology Conference Mar. 24-27, in San Jose.

Ed Maurer (civil engineering) gave an invited presentation, "Do new climate model projections demand new impact studies?," at the annual meeting of the California Water and Environmental Modeling Forum in Folsom California on Feb. 24.

Mohammad Ayoubi (mechanical engineering) presented the result of his research, "Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Model-Based Control of Aerospace Vehicles," at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering seminar at UC Davis, Feb. 20. More info.

Zhouye Gu and Nam Ling (computer engineering), together with Jianhua Zheng and Philipp Zhang (Hisilicon/Huawei), have a paper, "Simplified Depth Intra Mode Selection for 3D Video Compression," accepted by the 2014 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2014), to be held in Melbourne, Australia, June 1-5.

Heidi Williams (dean's office) has written a book, Santa Clara Engineering: Celebrating Our First Century. School of Engineering faculty and staff may pick up a free copy from Nicole at the reception desk. Complimentary copies are also available for faculty to give to visitors or department advisory board members. Copies will be on sale at the Campus Bookstore for $25 beginning next week.

Bonita Banducci (engineering) will present "Create Innovation Labs with Women in Mind and Realize Higher ROI," at Women Startup Lab's Global Innovation Summit, Feb. 19, 2-5 p.m.  More information here. She will also participate in The Women & Innovation Lab, a one-day design lab to explore implicit bias and other hidden barriers to full participation in leadership and the innovation ecosystem, Feb. 20.

Paul Davison (bioengineering adjunct and advisory board member)  had his tenth medical device patent issue on 1/21/2014, No. 8632537. The invention title is: "Electrosurgical devices for tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy."

Mark Aschheim (civil engineering) had a paper accepted for publication: Palermo, M., Gil-Martin, L. M., Hernandez-Montes, E., Aschheim, M. (2013), “Refined compression field theory for plastered straw bale walls,” Journal of Construction and Building Materials.

Zhouye Gu and Nam Ling (computer engineering), with Jianhua Zheng and Philipp Zhang  (Huawei/Hisilicon), have a proposal, “VSD bugfix and improvement," JCT3V-G0163, adopted as an informative contribution to the emerging 3D-HEVC standard for future 3D video coding at the 7th Meeting of Joint Collaborative Team on 3D Video Coding Extension Development (JCT-3V) of ITU-T SG 16 WP 3 and ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11, San Jose, CA, Jan 9-17, 2014. In this method, the team fixed the bug in the view synthesis distortion (VSD) calculation and modified it to achieve a bit-rate saving for 3D video coding.

Maryam Mobed-Miremadi (bioengineering academic year lecturer) and colleagues have published an article in the Journal of Biotechnology and Biomaterials: "Mechanical Properties of Hydrated Acoustically Sensitive Alginate-Based Microcapsules Confined in a Microfluidic Device as a Function of Size and Composition."

January, 2014

Chris Kitts (mechanical engineering) gave an invited presentation,  "A Field Robotics Program for In-Situ Marine Exploration and Environmental Characterization," at the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Ecosystem Science Conference in Mobile, AL, Jan. 26.

Nam Ling (computer engineering) and Zhouye Gu (computer Engineering), together with researchers from Hisilicon Technologies, presented their paper, "On 3D-HEVC Depth Map Intra Coding Improvement," at the 2nd International Workshop on Video Coding and Video Processing (VCVP'2014) in Shenzhen, China, Jan. 22.

Ed Maurer (civil engineering) gave an invited presentation,"Downscaling climate model output for water resources impacts assessment," at the American Geophysical Union Fall meeting in San Francisco, Dec. 12, 2013.

Nam Ling (computer engineering) will present the keynote speech, "3D Video Coding and 3D-HEVC: A Research Perspective," at the 2nd International Workshop on Video Coding and Video Processing (VCVP 2014) in Shenzhen, China, Jan. 21-23. In addition, he and Zhouye Gu (computer engineering) together with Jianhua Zheng and Philipp Zhang (Huawei/Hisilicon) have a paper, "On 3D-HEVC Depth Map Intra Coding Improvement," at the same conference.

Prashanth Asuri (bioengineering)  co-wrote an invited book chapter, "Delivery of Therapeutics using Carbon Nanomaterials," in Nanoparticles for Catalysis, Energy and Drug Delivery (published by American Scientific Publishers). The book is now available for purchase online here.

Zhouye Gu and Nam Ling (computer engineering), together with Jianhua Zheng and Philipp Zhang (Huawei/Hisilicon) had their proposal, “3D-CE5 related: On Neighbouring Reference Pixel Selection for Depth Intra Coding,” JCT3V-G0143, adopted on Jan. 12 as a normative contribution to the emerging 3D-HEVC standard for future 3D video coding, at the 7th Meeting of Joint Collaborative Team on 3D Video Coding Extension Development (JCT-3V) of ITU-T SG 16 WP 3 and ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11, San Jose, CA, Jan. 9 – 17, 2014.

Aaron Melman (applied mathematics) had his paper, "The Twin of a Theorem by Cauchy,"  The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 120(2013), No. 2, p. 164-168, selected by the Chinese Academy of Sciences for translation into Chinese. The Chinese version was published in Mathematical Advance in Translation. The translation provides mathematicians in rural areas of China with material that is otherwise not easily available.

Zhouye Gu and Nam Ling (computer engineering), together with Jianhua Zheng and Philipp Zhang (Huawei/Hisilicon) filed two U.S. provisional patents: “On Neighbouring Reference Pixel Selection for Depth Intra Coding,” (application no. 61/923,124) filed Jan. 2, 2014, and “System and Method for Estimating View Synthesis Distortion,” (application no. 61/923,500) filed Jan. 3, 2014.

Chris Kitts (mechanical engineering) and six staff/students (Laura Bica, Chris Beasley, Giovanni Minelli, Michael Neumann, Richard Rasay, Eric Stackpole) from the Robotic Systems Laboratory are co-authors on a new publication presenting flight results from the NASA O/OREOS astrobiological spacecraft mission: P. Ehrenfreund, A.J. Ricco, D. Squires, C. Kitts, E. Agasid, et al., "The O/OREOS mission - Astrobiology in low Earch orbit," Acta Astronautica, v 93, pp. 501-508.

December, 2013

Ralph Morganstern (applied mathematics) has published a two-volume set covering Discrete and Continuous Probability.  More information here.

Nam Ling (computer engineering), together with Zhengyi Luo, Li Song, and Shibao Zheng (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China), have a paper, "Raptor Codes Based Unequal Protection for Compressed Video According to Packet Priority," published in IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, Vol. 15, No. 8, pp. 2208-2213, December 2013.

Yi Fang's (computer engineering) research group has a paper, "A pattern matching approach to streaming slot filling," appearing in the Proceedings of the 22nd Text Retrieval Conference, Gaithersburg, MD, 2013. The co-authors are all from the computer engineering department: Hung Nguyen (PhD student), Yi Fang (faculty), Sandhya Gade, Vijay Mysore, Juan Hu, Sabita Pandit, Aparna Srinivasan, and Miao Jiang (all master's students). 

Monem Beitelmal (mechanical engineering) is listed as a co-inventor on his 51st patent, "Refrigeration system with parallel evaporators and variable speed compressor," no. 8,561,418, granted on Oct. 22.

Sally Wood (electrical engineering) and her MS student Jasmin Gonzalez presented a paper, “Fourier Descriptor Based Diagnosis of Vocal-Fold Partial Asymmetry from High Speed Image Sequences,” at the Forty-seventh Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers Nov. 4. Yuling Yan (bioengineering) was also a coauthor of the paper. 

Sukhmander Singh (civil engineering) made a presentation on his paper, "A New Approach to the Shear Strength Characterization of Municipal Solid Waste Material for Landfill Design," at the 18th international Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (18th ICSMGE), Paris Sept. 2-6.

Drazen Fabris, Monem Beitelmal and student Reece Kiriu '12  (mechanical engineering) had a paper, "Solar-powered water distillation system," presented by Fabris at the ASME international mechanical engineering congress and exposition, (IMECE2013) Nov. 15-21 in San Diego CA. Beitelmal, Timothy Hight and students Jackson Smith '12 and Bryan Bidwell '12 (mechanical engineering) had a paper, "Formula electric system: Thermal management design," and Beitelmal and Hight, along with students Mark Allison '12, Kevin Claggett '12, Stuart Hopson '12 and Dominic Villa '12 also had a paper, "Formula electric system: Design and integration," presented at the same event.

Maria Pantoja (computer engineering)  and Marie Bertola (modern languages) had an article, "Pronunciation Assistance Based on Automatic Speech and Facial Recognition" accepted for the 2014 GPU Technology Conference (GTC) program Mar. 24-27 in San Jose, California.

Nam Ling (computer engineering), together with Yun He (Tsinghua University, China), Joern Ostermann (Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany), Marek Domański (University of Technology, Poland), and Oscar C. Au (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China) have an editorial, Introduction to the Issue on Video Coding: HEVC and Beyond," published in the IEEE Journal of Selected Topics on Signal Processing, pp. 931-933, Vol. 7, No. 6, December 2013. Read it here.

November, 2013

Prashanth Asuri's (bioengineering) review on genetic engineering of stem cells, "Advances in homology directed genetic engineering of human pluripotent and adult stem cells," is now available online.

Dan Lewis (computer engineering) has been invited to give a talk on "A Rationale for Interdisciplinary Programs that Combine Engineering and the Liberal Arts" at IEDEC 2014 (The Interdisciplinary Engineering Education Conference), Mar. 10-11, 2014, Santa Clara, CA.

Yi Fang (computer engineering) has a paper accepted by World Wide Web, an international journal published by Springer that covers all aspects of the Web. The title of the paper is "Related Entity Finding by Unified Probabilistic Models," which proposes statistical models for entity-oriented search on the Web. Radha Basu was a contributing author to the book “ Globalization, Change and Learning in South Asia , ” now published and available on Amazon.

Yuling Yan (bioengineering) and collaborators attended the 6th International IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering, held in San Diego, Nov. 6-8, and presented a paper entitled "Motion Classifier Generation Using EEG for Robot Control."

Sukhmander Singh (civil engineering) had a paper: “Impact of IT Tools on Engineering Education,” accepted, after peer review, and presented at the iCEER 2013 International Conference on Engineering Education and Research, this past summer in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Yi Fang (computer engineering) was awarded the "Outstanding Service Award" by the 22nd ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2013) on Oct. 30 in San Francisco, for his contribution as the Local Chair of the conference.  CIKM is one of the top and highly competitive ACM conferences in the areas of Information Retrieval and Data Mining with an acceptance rate of full papers below 17% this year. More than 750 participants attended. Fang's research group also presented their work titled "Topical Authority Propagation on Microblogs" co-authored with master's student Juan Hu and PhD student Archana Godavarthy.

Hohyun Lee (mechanical engineering) and Brandon Ohara '13 MS '15 presented a poster, "Optimized Strategies for Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting," at Energy Harvesting USA, Santa Clara, Nov. 20-21.

Ed Maurer (civil engineering) and co-authors had an article published: Livneh, Ben, Eric A. Rosenberg, Chiyu Lin, Bart Nijssen, Vimal Mishra, Kostas M. Andreadis, Edwin P. Maurer, Dennis P. Lettenmaier, 2013: A long-term hydrologically based dataset of land surface fluxes and states for the conterminous united states: update and extensions*. J. Climate, 26, 9384–9392.

October, 2013

Hisham Said (civil engineering) has an accepted invited paper for publication:  Said H. and Berger L. (2013) "Future Trends of Sustainability Design and Analysis in Construction Industry and Academia," Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction, ASCE.  Hisham was invited to submit this paper with Lidia Berger (National Sustainability Director at Dewberry) to be published in the journal's special issue on the subject, and to be presented in the coming 2014 Construction Engineering Conference that is sponsored by ASCE and NSF. 

Hohyun Lee  (mechanical engineering), Miguel Gomes  (BSME ’11, MSME ’13), Rachel Reid  (BSME ’13),  Brandon Ohara  (BSME ’13, MSME ’15), along with Nari Youn, and Daehyn Wee, have a paper available online, “ Achieving Maximum Power in Thermoelectric Generation with Simple Power Electronics ,” Journal of Electronic Materials.

Yi Fang  (computer engineering) has a journal paper "Collaborative Language Models for Localized Query Prediction" accepted for publication in the ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems  (TiiS). This paper proposes a series of theoretical collaborative language models to identify trending topics on the web for a given geographical location. This is a collaborative work with two researchers at Google and Microsoft.

Yuling Yan  (bioengineering) and her students have a paper, “Tracing Vocal-fold Vibrations Using Level-set Segmentation Method,” accepted for presentation at the 3rd International Conference on Computational and Mathematical Biomedical Engineering  (CMBE2013), to be held in Hong Kong, Dec. 16-18.

Nam Ling  (computer engineering), with Zhengyi Luo, Li Song, Shibao Zheng  (all from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)  have a journal paper, " Raptor Codes based Unequal Protection for Compressed Video According to Packet Priority ," published in IEEE Transactions on Multimedia to appear in the Jan. 2014 issue.

Godfrey Mungal had a paper published in Combustion and Flame: “Studies on the stability limit extension of premixed and jet diffusion flames of methane, ethane, and propane using nanosecond repetitive pulsed discharge plasmas,” by M. S. Bak, S. K. Im, M. G. Mungal, and M. A. Cappelli, 160  (11), 2396-2403,
Nov. 2013.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi  (electrical engineering) and Ph.D. student Jeoongsung Park have a paper published in the Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Systems  (SiPS). The paper is titled, "A new VLSI architecture for 3-D DCT Video Compression System."

January, 2012

Sarah Ghanbari ’11 (bioengineering), a member of Ashley Kim's group, presented "Detection of pathogens using inertial focusing and electrochemical DNA sensors for resource-limited settings" at the First Annual Advanced Biosciences Symposium, Jan. 20, at Santa Clara University, an event hosted by the Advanced Biosciences Initiative in collaboration with the National Biotechnology Education Conference. 

Liang Xiang (bioengineering), a postdoctoral fellow and member of Jonathan Zhang's group, presented "Nonnatural amino acid incorporation in proteins" at the First Annual Advanced Biosciences Symposium, Jan. 20, at Santa Clara University, an event hosted by the Advanced Biosciences Initiative in collaboration with the National Biotechnology Education Conference. 

Johann Steinbrecher (computer engineering), a Ph.D candidate, presented "On Supernode Transformations and Multithreading for the Longest Common Subsequence Problem" at the 10th Australasian Symposium on Parrallel and Distributed Computer (AusPDC) and "On Optimizing the Longest Common Subsequence Problem by Loop Unrolling Along Wavefronts" at the 20th Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-based Processing. Both papers were co-authored with Dr. Weijia Shang.

Yuling Yan (bioengineering) and co-authors have a paper entitled "Vocal Fold Vibratory Characteristics of Healthy Geriatric Females - Analysis of High-speed Digital Images" accepted for publication in Journal of Voice.

December, 2011

Kern Peng (engineering management) has written a book, Equipment Management in the Post-Maintenance Era: A New Alternative to Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) that will be available soon.

November, 2011

Tokunko Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering) and Nam Ling (computer engineering) visited Abuja, Nigeria, Nov. 23-27, where they presented keynote speeches at the 3rd IEEE International Conference on Adaptive Science and Technology (ICAST). Ogunfunmi delivered "Talk is cheap: advanced speech processing is here," and Ling delivered "Video compression: a new era." They also visited Loyola Jesuit College, a high school in Abuja and met with the principal, Father Nweke Ugo, who graduated from Santa Clara University several years ago. They gave talks to introduce the University's School of Engineering to their high school students.

Pete Woytowitz (adjunct, mechanical and civil engineering) co-authored the paper "On Determination of Sample Size to Evaluate Reliability Growth Plans"with X. Jin and T. Tan of Novellus Systems. The paper was presented at theASME 2011 International Mechanical Eng. Congress & Exposition, Nov. 11-17, in Denver, CO and will appear in the proceedings of the ASME IMECE 2011.

Mohammad Ayoubi (mechanical engineering), graduate student Farhad Goodarzi, and colleague Arun Banerjee had a paper, "Attitude Motion of a Spinning Spacecraft with Fuel Sloshing and Nutation Damping," accepted in the Journal of Astronautical Sciences.

Serge Zarantonello (applied mathematics) presented the paper “Image Integration with Learned Dictionaries and Application to Seismic Monitoring," by Youli Quan, Tieyuan Zhu, and Jerry M. Harris (Stanford University); Roy M. Burnstad (Saudi Aramco), and Sergio Zarantonello (applied mathematics, Santa Clara University), Sept. 19 at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) in San Antonio, TX , and subsequently published in the SEG Expanded Abstracts 30, 4217 (2011). He also gave the workshop presentation, “Compressed sensing for time-lapse imaging,” Sept. 22 at the same meeting.

Godfrey Mungal had three papers presented at the APS/DFD Meeting, Nov. 20–22; Baltimore, MD: “Experimental Study of Supersonic Inlet Flow Unstart Induced by Mass Injection” by Hyungrok Do, Seong-kyun Im, M. G. Mungal & M. A. Cappelli; “Flame Structure in a Compact Inlet/Scramjet Combustor” by Mirko Gamba, V. A. Miller, M. G. Mungal & R. K. Hanson; “Toluene Laser-Induced Fluorescence Imaging of Compressible Flows in an Expansion Tube” by V. A. Miller, M. Gamba, M. G. Mungal, R. K. Hanson, K. Mohri & C. Schulz.

Minghwa Wang (adjunct lecturer, computer engineering) presented a paper at the IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS), in Tainan, Taiwan, Dec. 7-9.

Chris Kitts (mechanical engineering) and a number of students in the Robotic Systems Laboratory had a new journal article, "The O/OREOS Mission: First Science Data from the Space Environment Survivability of Living Organisms (SESLO) Payload," accepted for publication in Astrobiology. The article provided initial peer-reviewed science results from the O/OREOS mission which is controlled by SCU students.

Kim Parnell (mechanical engineering) attended the International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM-18) held in Jeju, Korea, Aug. 21-26. Kim presented the paper (with J.D. Melo and C. Tower of Stanford) entitled: "Stiffness and Strength of Laminates Fabricated with Bi-Directional Tape."

Yuling Yan (bioengineering) and co-authors have a paper entitled “Construction of Real-time Brain-Machine-Interface Control System Based on Motor Imagery” accepted for oral presentation at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics (IEEE-ROBIO 2011), to be held in Phuket, Thailand, Dec. 7-11, 2011.

Radhika Grover (computer engineering) published a book, Programming with Java: A Multimedia Approach, Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning, in October 2011.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering) and Ph.D. student, Koji Seto have published a conference paper, "Performance-Enhanced Multi-rate iLBC," presented at the IEEE Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers in Asilomar, CA, Nov. 6-9, 2011.

October, 2011

Sukhi Singh (civil engineering) had a paper, "A New Approach for Characterizing Shear Strength of Municipal Solid Waste for Landfill Design,” accepted for the 27th International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management, March 11-14, 2012, Philadelphia, PA.

Weijia Shang (computer engineering) had a paper, “Exploiting Thread Level Parallelism by Loop Unrolling Along Wavefronts" by Johann Steinbrecher and Weijia Shang, accepted by the 20th Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-based Processing, Feb. 15-17, 2012, in Garching, Germany.

Chris Kitts (mechanical engineering) and students from the Robotic Systems Laboratory have published and presented articles at several conferences. Papers included two publications at the AIAA Conference on small satellites held in Logan, UT, that focused on two ongoing space missions with NASA, and the other presented at the IEEE Oceans Conference in Kona, HI, that reviewed experimental results of the control of robotic boat fleets, and one article at the IEEE Space Mission Challenges in Information Technology in Palo Alto, CA, on multi-robot control systems.

Unyoung (Ashley) Kim (bioengineering) and students Sarah Ghanbari, Nicholas Giustini, Cameron Mar, and Pankti Doshi presented their work, "Detection of Waterborne Pathogens Using Electrochemical DNA Sensors for Resource Limited Settings," at the 2011 BMES (Biomedical Engineering Society) Annual Meeting, held in Hartford, Connecticut, Oct. 12-15.

Sukhi Singh (civil engineering) presented his paper, “Incompatibles Between Science-based Progress and Societal Values" at the Third International Conference on Science in Society, Aug. 5-9 2011 at The Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.

Ahmed Amer, JoAnne Holliday (computer engineering) and a group of collaborators, including former faculty member Thomas Schwarz, have a paper based on their shingled disk research published in the IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. The paper is titled "Data Layout and Management for Shingled Magnetic Recording" and appeared in the October issue.

September, 2011

Yuling Yan (bioengineering) and student Anand Bhandari have a paper accepted for publication in Biomed. Signal Process. Control (2011): “Comparative Analysis of Normal Voice Characteristics Using Simultaneous Electroglottography and High-speed Digital Imaging."

Ruth Davis (computer engineering) attended the 2011 International Conference on Engineering Education in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Aug. 20-26, at which she had three papers presented: "Design Thinking, a Pathway to Intentional Learning," by Ruth Davis and Chris Kitts; "... and a Little Child Shall Lead Them," by John Allen and Ruth Davis; and "Engineering Projects for the Community," by Shoba Krishnan and Ruth Davis.

Toshishige Yamada (Center for Nanostructures) gave an invited talk, "Transport in fused InP nanowire device in dark and under illumination: Coulomb staircase scenario," (8106-19) in the SPIE Optics + Photonics 2011, San Diego, CA, Aug. 22-25, 2011.

Sarah Kate Wilson (electrical engineering) had a paper accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Communications: Comparison of Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing and Pulse-Amplitude Modulation in Indoor Optical Wireless Links," by DJ Barros, S.K. Wilson and J.M. Kahn.

Godfrey Mungal had a paper published: Hyungrok Do, Seong-kyun Im, M. G. Mungal & M. A. Cappelli (2011) “The Influence of Boundary Layers on Supersonic Inlet Flow Unstart Induced by Mass Injection,” Expts. Fluids, 51, 679-691. He also presented a paper “Supersonic Inlet Duct Unstart Induced by Fuel Jet Injection,” by H. Do, S. Im, M. G. Mungal and M. A. Cappelli, 7th International Symposium on Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena, Ottawa, Canada, July 28 – 31, 2011.

Sally Wood (electrical engineering) presented an invited paper on super-resolution image reconstruction at DASP2011, a signal processing meeting, in Coolum, Australia, in July. She also attended ICIP2011, the annual IEEE image processing meeting in Brussels, updated plans for the 2013 DSP workshop in Napa, and attended meetings on first year engineering courses at the annual ASEE meeting in Vancouver, B.C. in June.

June, 2011

Godfrey Mungal: "The improvement of blowout limit in partially/fully premixed flames with geometrically modified bluffbody bases," Wookyung Kim, Hyungrok Do & M.G. Mungal (2011), Experiments in Fluids.

March, 2011

JoAnne Holliday (computer engineering) and Sarah Kate Wilson (electrical engineering): "Scheduling Methods for Multi-user Optical Wireless Asymmetrically-Clipped OFDM," Journal of Communcations and Networks

February, 2011

Chris Kitts (Robotic Systems Laboratory): "An Interdisciplinary, Marine Robotics Research and Education Program," The Journal of Marine Education, v 26, n 3, Dec 2010, pp.7-10.

Yuling Yan (bioengineering): "Vocal fold Vibratory Characteristics in Normal Female Speakers from High-speed Digital Imaging," Journal of Voice.

January, 2011

Mark Aschheim (civil engineering): "Recent developments in optimal reinforcing of RC beam and column sections," Gil-Martin, L.M., Aschheim, M., Hernández-Montes, E., and Pasadas-Fernández, M., Engineering Structures.

Sikandar Khatri (civil engineering): paper accepted for presentation at Costal Engineering Practice, San Diego, 21-24 August 2011.

Chris Kitts (mechanical engineering), Ignacio Mas, and Robert Lee: "Model-Based Nonlinear Cluster Space Control of Mobile Robot Formations, Multi-Robot Systems, Trends and Development," Toshiyuki Yasuda (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-425-2, InTech.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering) and Ph.D student Thomas Paul: "On the Convergence Behavior of Affine Projection Algorithm for Adaptive Filters," IEEE Transaction on Circuits and Systems, Part I.

December, 2010

Mark Aschheim (civil engineering): "Proportioning of Reinforced Concrete Column Sections," Aschheim, M., Gil-Martin, L.M., and Hernández-Montes, E., Engineering Structures.

Godfrey Mungal(dean of engineering): "Ignition, Flame Structure and Near-Wall Burning in Transverse Hydrogen Jets in Supersonic Crossflow," Mirko Gamba, M.G. Mungal & R.K. Hanson, and "Visualizing Supersonic Inlet Duct Unstart Using Planar Laser Rayleign Scattering," H. Do, S. Im, M.G. Mungal, M.A. Cappelli, APS/DFD Annual Meeting in Long Beach, CA, 21-23 Nov. 2010.

Godfrey Mungal (dean of engineering): "Visualizing Supersonic Inlet Duct Unstart using Planar Laser Rayleigh," Hyungrok Do, Seong-kyun Im, M.G. Mungal, & Mark A. Cappelli (2010), Expts. Fluids.

Kat Wilson (electrical engineering): "SCFDE with Space-Time Coding for IM/DD Optical Wireless Communcation," Acolatse, Bar-Ness and Wilson, IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference 2011, Cancun, Mexico, 28-31 March 2011.

November, 2010

Monem Beitelmal (mechanical engineering) and Chandrakant Patel (HPLabs): "A Steady-state Model for the Design and Optimization of a Centralized Cooling System," International Journal of Energy Research.

October, 2010

Mark Aschheim (civil engineering): "Proportioning of Reinforced Concrete Column Sections," Aschheim, M., Gil-Martín, L. M., and Hernández-Montes, E, Engineering Structures.

Ed Maurer (civil engineering): "Contrasting Lumped and Distributed Hydrology Models for Estimating Climate Change Impacts on California Watersheds," Maurer, E.P., L.D. Brekke, and T. Pruitt, 2010, Journal of the American Water Resources Association (JAWRA) 46(5):1024–1035. DOI: 10.1111/j.1752-1688.2010.00473.x.

Godfrey Mungal (dean of engineering): "Plasma Assisted Flame Ignition of Supersonic Flows over a Flat Wall," Hyungrok Do, Seong-kyun Im, Mark A. Cappelli & M. Godfrey Mungal, Combustion and Flame 157 (2010) 2298–2305.

Sally Wood (electrical engineering): "The Role of NSF's Department Level Reform Program in Engineering Education Practice and Research," John L. Daniels, Sally L. Wood and Susan C. Kemnitzer, Advances in Engineering Education.

Yuling Yan (bioengineering): "Spatio-temporal Processing of Massive Glottic Images from High-speed Videoendoscopy," SPIE BiOS: Biomedical Optics Symposium, 22-27 Jan. 2011, SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco.

Yuling Yan (bioengineering): "Optical Switches: High-Contrast Imaging in Living Cells and Tissue," Unofficial Impact Factors: 17.902.

September, 2010

Silvia Figueira and graduate student Ginger Tseng (computer engineering): "An Analysis of the Energy Efficiency of Multi-Threading on Multi-Core Machines," IEEE Green Computing Conference, Workshop on Progress in Green Computing, August 2010; "Multi-Threading on Multi-Core Machines: Performance Gains and Energy Savings," Computer Measurement Group Conference, December 2010.

Ed Maurer (civil engineering): "The Utility of Daily Large-scale Climate Data in the Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Daily Streamflow in California," Maurer, E. P., Hidalgo, H. G., Das, T., Dettinger, M. D., and Cayan, D. R., 2010, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 14, 1125-1138, doi:10.5194/hess-14-1125-2010.

May, 2010

Hohyun Lee (mechanical engineering): “Effects of Nanoscale Porosity on Thermoelectric Properties of SiGe,” Hohyun Lee et al., Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 107, Issue 9, p. 094308 (2010).

April, 2010

Ahmed Amer (computer engineering): "Design Issues for a Shingled Write Disk System," accepted for publication; 26th IEEE Symposium on Massive Storage Systems and Technologies.

Mark Aschheim (civil engineering): “ASCE Engineered Bamboo I-Joists;” Journal of Structural Engineering, Mark A Aschheim, Ph.D.; Luisa Maria Gil-Martin, Ph.D.; Enrique Hernandez-Montes, Ph.D.

Francisco R. Madriz (electrical engineering Ph.D. candidate), research professor Toshishige Yamada, and Cary Y. Yang (Center for Nanostructures): F. R. Madriz, T. Yamada, X. Sun, J. G. Nickel, and C. Y. Yang, "Frequency-independent RC-Circuit Model for One-dimensional Carbon Nanostructures," IEEE Elec. Dev. Lett. 31 (4), 263-265 (2010).

Edwin Maurer (civil engineering): Vicuna, S., J. A. Dracup, J. R. Lund, L. L. Dale, and E. P. Maurer (2010), “Basin-scale Water System Operations with Uncertain Future Climate Conditions: Methodology and Case Studies,” Water Resour. Res., 46, W04505, doi: 10.1029/ 2009 WR007838.

February, 2010

Giovanni Seni (computer engineering) has a new book: Ensemble Methods in Data Mining: Improving Accuracy through Combining Predictions. Morgan & Claypool Publishers.

Toshishige Yamada (Center for Nanostructures): T. Yamada, T. Saito, M. Suzuki, P. Wilhite, S. Xu, D. Fabris, and C. Y. Yang, "Tunneling between Carbon Nanofiber and Gold Electrodes," J. Appl. Phys., vol. 107, no. 4, 044304 (2010).

Aleksandar Zecevic and Dragoslav Siljak (electrical engineering) have published a book: Control of Complex Systems: Structural Constraints and Uncertainty in the prestigious Springer series: Communications and Control Engineering.

January, 2010

Christopher Kitts (mechanical engineering): C. Kitts (2010). Robotics. In H. Bidgoli (eds) The Handbook of Technology Management, Vol 3, pp. 306-319, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Edwin Maurer (civil engineering): Maurer, E.P., L.D. Brekke, T. Pruitt, K. White, E. Ochs, P. Duffy, and E.H. Girvetz, “User-driven Downscaling: Advances in Data Apportioning and Analysis to Augment Adaptation Planning,” 90th annual meeting of the American Meteorological Association, 18th Conference on Applied Climatology, Atlanta, GA, 21 Jan. 2010.

Godfrey Mungal (dean of engineering) W. Kim, H. Do, M. A. Cappelli and M. G. Mungal (2010) “Plasma Assisted Flame Holding in Subsonic and Supersonic Flows,” AIAA-2010-0263, AIAA-ASM Weakly Ionized Gases Workshop, 48th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, 4-7 Jan. 2010, Orlando, FL.

December, 2009

Nam Ling, Weijia Shang (computer engineering): Jun Zhang, Xiaoquan Yi, Nam Ling, Weijia Shang, "Context Adaptive Lagrange Multiplier (CALM) for Rate-Distortion Optimal Motion Estimation in Video Coding," IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology.

Ed Maurer (civil engineering): Girvetz, E., Zganjar, C, Raber, G., Maurer, E.P., Kareiva, P., Lawler, J.J., 2009, “Applied Climate-change Analysis: The Climate Wizard Tool,” PLoS ONE 4(12): e8320.

November, 2009

Ahmed Amer (computer engineering): "Avoiding State-Space Explosion of Predictive Metadata with SESH" and "Using Shared Parity Disks to Improve the Reliability of RAID Arrays," to appear in the proceedings of the IEEE International Performance, Computing and Communications Conference (IPCCC), December 2009.

Mark Aschheim (civil engineering): "Refinements to Compression Field Theory, with Application to Wall-Type Structures," Hernandez-Montes, E., Aschheim, M., and Pantazopoulou, S., American Concrete Institute Fall Convention, New Orleans, delivered by Hernandez-Montes on Nov. 9, 2009.

Monem Beitelmal (mechanical engineering): "A Steady-State Model for the Design and Optimization of a Centralized Cooling System," International Journal of Energy Research, Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.

Monem Beitelmal (mechanical engineering): “KRATOS: automated management of cooling capacity in data centers with adaptive vent tiles,” ASME/IMECE Conference in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, Nov. 15-19, 2009.

Unyoung (Ashley) Kim was a co-author of the paper "Simultaneous Sorting of Multiple Bacterial Targets Using Integrated Dielectrophoretic / Magnetic Activated Cell Sorter", and the work was presented by her co-author at the International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (µTAS 2009) on 4 Nov. 2009, Jeju, Korea.

October, 2009

Yuling Yan (bioengineering): “Quantitative Analysis of Diplophonic Vocal-fold Vibratory Pattern from High-speed Digital Imaging of Glottis" accepted to the MAVEBA 2009 - 6th International Workshop on Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications.

Ahmed Amer (computer engineering): "Space-Efficient Predictive Block Management," International Workshop on Software Support for Portable Storage (IWSSPS'09) on 15 Oct. 2009, Grenoble, France (Co-located with ACM EMSOFT 2009).

June, 2009

Wendelin Wright (mechanical engineering) and graduate student Marcus Samale: "Studies of Shear Band Velocity Using Spatially and Temporally Resolved Measurements of Strain During Quasistatic Compression of a Bulk Metallic Glass" by W.J. Wright, M.W. Samale, T.C. Hufnagel, M.M. LeBlanc, and J.N. Florando. Published in Acta Materialia.

May, 2009

Dan Lewis (computer engineering): “Attracting the Next Generation of Students to Computing” the first part of a two-part article published on the front page of the May 2009 issue of CSTA Voice, a national newsletter for K-12 computer science teachers. The article describes the motivation, rationale and details of our new B.S. degree program in Web Design and Engineering.

Toshishige Yamada (Center for Nanostructures), Drazen Fabris (mechanical engineering) and Cary Y. Yang (electrical engineering): T. Yamada, T. Saito, D. Fabris, and C. Y. Yang, "Electrothermal Analysis of Breakdown in Carbon Nanofiber Interconnects," IEEE Electron Device Letters, vol. 30 (5), pp.469-471 (2009).

Aaron Melman (applied mathematics): had "Some Properties of Newton's Method for Polynomials with all Real Zeros" published in the Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics. He also gave a talk in the Linear Algebra/Optimization seminar of the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering at Stanford University on April 29.

Robotics students had two articles published in Marine Technology Society Journal: E. Beck, W. Kirkwood, D. Caress, T. Berk, P. Mahacek, K. Brashem, J. Acain, V. Reddy, C. Kitts, J. Skutnik and G. Wheat, "SeaWASP: A Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull Autonomous Platform for Shallow Water Mapping," Marine Tech Soc Journal, v 43, n 1, pp. 6-12, 2009. P. Mahacek, I. Mas, O. Petrovic, J. Acain, and C. Kitts, "Cluster Space Control of Autonomous Surface Vessels," Marine Technology Society Journal, v 43, n 1, pp. 13-20, 2009.

Michele Ellie Ahi (adjunct professor engineering management): Outsourcing Everything but the Kitchen Sink, Empowering Americans Through Education and Innovation. The book draws on trends in education and economy that have shifted America from being a technological and innovative super power to the critical state it is in now.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering) and Ph.D. student Wally Kozacky: “A Frequency-Domain Adaptive Filtering Algorithm with Constraints on the Output Weights”, to be presented at the upcoming 2009 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) taking place in Taipei, Taiwan.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering) and Ph.D. student Ifiok Umoh: “An Adaptive Nonlinear Filter for System Identification” in Eurasip Journal on Advances in Signal Processing.

Christopher Kitts (mechanical engineering) and graduate student Ignacio Mas: C. Kitts and I. Mas. "Cluster Space Specification and Control of Mobile Multirobot Systems." IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, v 14, n 2, pp. 207-218, 2009. It is a journal article on their multi-robot motion control technique.

April, 2009

Edwin Maurer (civil engineering): Cayan, D., M. Tyree, M. Dettinger, H. Hidalgo, T. Das, E. Maurer, P. Bromirski, N. Graham, and R. Flick, 2009, "Climate Change Scenarios and Sea Level Rise Estimates" for the California 2008 Climate Change Scenarios Assessment, Public Interest Energy Research Program Reports, Publication # CEC-500-2009-014-D, California Energy Commission, Sacramento, CA, 62 pp. (available online at This biennial update outlines some of the latest projections of changes in temperature, precipitation, and sea level we face in California, largely due to past and continuing use of fossil fuels.

Edwin Maurer (civil engineering): "Assessing Reservoir Operations Risk Under Climate Change," published in the latest issue of Water Resources Research. The study examined the relationship between uncertainties in future climate projections and the subsequent impacts of California's water system, and how systems might respond depending on how risk-averse water managers are.

March, 2009

Edwin Maurer (civil engineering): Lawler, J. J., S. L. Shafer, D. White, P. Kareiva, E. P. Maurer, A. R. Blaustein, and P. J. Bartlein, 2009, "Projected Climate-induced Faunal Change in the Western Hemisphere," Ecology, 90(3), 588–597. By assessing the impact of climate change on thousands of species of birds, mammals, and amphibians, the authors found local loss of at least 10% of the vertebrate fauna over much of North and South America. The largest changes are projected for the tundra, Central America, and the Andes Mountains where faunal distributions in the future will bear little resemblance to those of today.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering) and Ph.D. student Jeoong Sung Park: “A New Hardware Implementation of the H.264 8x8 Transform and Quantization,” presented at the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) in Taipei, Taiwan April 2009.

Nam Ling (computer engineering) and Ph.D. student Maria Pantoja: "Transcoding with Resolution Conversion Using Super-Resolution and Irregular Sampling," Journal of Signal Processing Systems, Springer.

Yuling Yan (bioengineering): "Implementation of a Virtual Laryngoscope System Using Efficient Reconstruction Algorithms," in Medical Science Monitor, a peer-reviewed international medical journal for experimental and clinical research.

February, 2009

Mark Aschheim (civil engineering): Šćepanović B., Gil-Martín L. M., Hernández-Montes E., Aschheim M., and Lučić D., "Ultimate Strength of I-Girders Under Eccentric Patch Loading: Derivation of a New Strength Reduction Coefficient," Engineering Structures.

Edwin Maurer (civil engineering): "Climate Model-based Consensus on the Hydrologic Impacts of Climate Change to the Rio Lempa Basin of Central America" in the journal Hydrology and Earth System Science (Vol.13, pp. 183-194, 2009). This article represents a collaborative effort with co-authors from Washington State University and 3Tier Group in Seattle, and benefited from the assistance of colleagues at the Universidad Centroamericana in El Salvador. The conclusion is that projections of drier conditions, lower streamflow, and decreased hydropower capacity for the region are robust and high confidence.

January, 2009

Godfrey Mungal (dean of engineering): Wookyung Kim, Hyungrok Do, M. G. Mungal, and M. A. Cappelli (2008) “Plasma Assisted Diffusion Flames: Role of Elevated Ambient Temperatures,” IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 36 (6), 2898-2904.

Godfrey Mungal (dean of engineering): Hyungrok Do, M. G. Mungal and M. A. Cappelli (2008) “Jet Flame Ignition in a Supersonic Crossflow using a Pulsed Nonequilibrium Plasma Discharge,” IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 36 (6), 2918-2923.

Mohammad Ayoubi (mechanical engineering) and James Longuski: “Asymptotic Theory For Thrusting, Spinning-Up spacecraft Maneuvers,” in the Journal of Acta Astronautica.

Ralph Morganstern (adjunct professor of applied mathematics): Morganstern, Ralph, E. (2008), "Fast Chirp Transform Applied to LPI FMCW Radar Waveforms,” presented in the proceedings of the 54th Annual Tri-Service Radar Symposium, Monterey, CA, June 2008.

December, 2008

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering) and Ph.D. student Obianuju Ndili: “A Hardware Oriented Integer Pel Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm in H.264/AVC” in the Proceedings of the IEEE/ECSI/EURASIP Conference on Design and Architecture for Signal and Image Processing, Nov. 2008.

October, 2008

Sergio Escobar-Vargas (Ph.D. student), Drazen Fabris, Jorge Gonzalez (mechanical engineering) R. Sharma, C. Bash, and O. E. Ruiz: “Bubble Growth Characterization During Fast Boiling in an Enclosed Geometry” in International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer.

Mark Aschheim (civil engineering): Lee, H. J., Aschheim, M., Hernández-Montes, E., and Gil-Martin, L. M., “Optimum RC Column Reinforcement Considering Multiple Load Combinations,” Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization.

Mark Aschheim (civil engineering): Hernández-Montes, E., Gil-Martín, L. M., Pasadas-Fernández, M., and Aschheim, M. (2008): “Theorem of Optimal Section Reinforcement,” Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization," 36(5):509-521, November.

Wendelin Wright (mechanical engineering) and William Nix (Stanford University): "Storage and Loss Stiffnesses and Moduli as Determined by Dynamic Nanoindentation” in the March 2009 issue on indentation methods in advanced materials research in the Journal of Materials Research.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering) and Ph.D. student Thomas Paul: “Evolution, Insights and Challenges of the PHY Layer for the Emerging IEEE 802.11n Amendment” in the IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials.

August, 2008

Jorge Gonzalez, Tim Hight, and Ph.D. student Rabindra Pokhrel (mechanical engineering): Rabindra Pokhrel, Jorge E. Gonzalez, Tim Hight, Thorsteinn Adalsteinsson; “Analysis and Design of a Paraffin/Graphite Composite PCM Integrated in a Thermal Storage Unit,” presented at the 2008 International Conference on Energy Sustainability in the Solar Heating & Cooling Topical Area, named “Best Paper” of the ASME Solar Energy Division. Five Best Papers were awarded at the conference of a total of 177 in five different topical areas.

Edwin Maurer (civil engineering): Brekke, L.D., Dettinger, M.D., Maurer, E.P., and Anderson, M., 2008, "Significance of Model Credibility in Projection Distributions for Regional Hydroclimatological Impacts of Climate Change: Climatic Change, 89, doi: 10.1007/s10584-007-9388-3, 371-394. The paper summarizes results of a U.S. Bureau of Reclamation research effort, in which the authors evaluate the historical skill of global climate models and conclude that historic skill plays only a modest role in framing future climate projections.

Edwin Maurer (civil engineering): Hayhoe, K., C. Wake, B. Anderson, X.-Z. Liang, E. Maurer, J. Zhu, J. Bradbury, A. DeGaetano, A.M. Stoner and D. Wuebbles, 2008, "Regional Climate Change Projections for the Northeast USA," Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change Vol. 13 (5-6), 425-436, doi: 10.1007/s11027-007-9133-2. This article provides an assessment of climate change impacts to the Northeastern U.S.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering) and Ph.D. student, Ifiok Umoh: “An Adaptive Algorithm for Hammerstein Filter System Identification;” presented at the 2008 European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi and Ph.D. student, Thomas Paul (electrical engineering): “Analysis of Convergence of a Frequency-domain LMS Adaptive Filter Implemented as a Multi-stage Adaptive Filter,” Journal of Signal Processing Systems for Signal, Image and Video Technology (formerly Journal of VLSI Signal Processing Systems) 2008.

July, 2008

Ruth Davis, Weijia Shang (computer engineering) and student Stefan Schaeckeler: "Visualization of Procedural Abstraction" presented at the Fifth Program Visualization Workshop during the Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education Conference in Madrid, Spain.

Jorge Gonzalez (mechanical engineering) and Daniel E. Comarazamy: “On the Validation of the Simulation of Early Season Precipitation on the Island of Puerto Rico Using a Mesoscale Atmospheric Model,” Journal of Hydrometeorology, pp 507-520, June 2008.

Godfrey Mungal (dean of engineering): V. S. R. Somandepalli, Y. X. Hou, & M. G. Mungal (2008) “Visualization of drag reduced boundary layer flows with polymer injection,” 13th International Symposium on Flow Visualization, July 1-4, 2008, Nice, France.

Godfrey Mungal (dean of engineering): W. N. Heltsley, J. A. Snyder, M. G. Mungal & R. K. Hanson (2008) “Mapping the combustion stability regimes of hydrogen and hydrocarbon jets in supersonic crossflow with OH-PLIF,” 14th International Symposium on Applications of Laser Techniques to Fluid Mechanics, 7-10 July 2008, Lisbon, Portugal.

Godfrey Mungal (dean of engineering): H. El-Asrag, H. Pitsch, W. Kim, H. Do & M. G. Mungal (2008) “A computational and experimental assessment of the Damköhler Number similarity for static flame stability in augmentor flows,” AIAA 2008-4955, 44th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit, 21 - 23 July 2008, Hartford, CT.

Drago Siljak (electrical engineering) gave a keynote lecture, “Multi-agent systems on dynamic graphs,” on the opening day of the World Congress of Nonlinear Analysis, July 2-9, 2008, Orlando, Florida.

June, 2008

Silvia Figueira (computer engineering) and former student Tan Trieu: “Data replication and the storage capacity of data grids,” presented at HPDGrid - International Workshop on High-Performance Data Management in Grid Environments, in Toulouse, France, in June 2008.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering) and Ph.D. student, Ifiok Umoh: “An Adaptive Algorithm for Hammerstein Filter System Identification.” The paper was accepted at the 2008 European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO) in August 2008 and was presented by Ifiok in Lausanne, Switzerland.

May, 2008

Nam Ling (computer engineering) and Ph.D. student Jianpeng (James) Dong: presented their paper “A Model Parameter and Mad Prediction Scheme for H.264 Macroblock Layer Rate Control” at the ISCAS ’08 conference in Seattle.

Aaron Melman (applied mathematics) and Tobias Carothers (computer engineering): "Bounds on the Location of Critical Points of a Polynomial with all Real Zeros," was published in the Pi Mu Epsilon Journal, the official journal of the national mathematics honor society. The paper is based on research carried out as part of the Kuehler Grant summer research program in 2006 when Carothers had just completed his freshman year.

Godfrey Mungal (dean of engineering) W. Kim, H. Do, M. G. Mungal & M. A. Cappelli (2008) “Optimal Discharge Placement in Plasma Assisted Combustion of a Methane Jet in Crossflow,” Comb. Flame, 153, 603–615.

Bryan Ribaya (electrical engineering Ph.D. student): "A Study on the Mechanical and Electrical Reliability of Individual Carbon Nanotube Field Emission Cathodes," Nanotechnology, Vol 19, pp185201 (2008). To view the article, visit:

Silvia Figueira (computer engineering) and her former student Tan Trieu: “Data Replication and the Storage Capacity of Data Grids,” was presented at HPDGrid - International Workshop on High-Performance Data Management in Grid Environments, in Toulouse, France, in June 2008.

April, 2008

Mark Aschheim (civil engineering): Gil-Martín, L. M., Aschheim, M., and Hernández-Montes, E. “Proportioning of Steel Beam-Column Members Based on RSD Methodology,” Engineering Structures.

March, 2008

Godfrey Mungal (dean of engineering): Y. X. Hou, V. S. R. Somandepalli & M. G. Mungal (2008) “Streamwise Development of Turbulent Boundary Layer Drag Reduction with Polymer Injection,” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 597, 31-66.

John Jameson (Center for Nanostructures): "Equilibrium and compatibility simulation of plunge centerless grinding" in the Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B, Journal of Engineering Manufacture. Authors: John R. Jameson, T.N. Farris (Purdue University), and S. Chandrasekar (Purdue University).

John Jameson (Center for Nanostructures): K. Abe, M.P. Tendulkar, J.R. Jameson, P. Griffin, K. Nomura, S. Fujita, and Y. Nishi, “Ultra-high bandwidth memory with 3D-stacked emerging memory cells,” ID 173, International Conference on IC Design and Technology (ICICDT), Minatec in Grenoble, France, June 2–4, 2008.

Mark Aschheim (civil engineering): Aschheim, M., Hernández-Montes, E., and Gil-Martín, L.M. (2008). “Design of Optimally-reinforced RC Beam, Column, and Wall Sections,” Journal of Structural Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, 134(2):231-239.

Mark Aschheim (civil engineering), Hernández-Montes, E., and Gil-Martín, L. M. (2008). “Design of Optimally-reinforced RC Beam, Column, and Wall Sections,” Journal of Structural Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, 134(2):231-239.

Edwin Maurer (civil engineering) and H. G. Hidalgo, 2008, “Utility of Daily vs. Monthly Large-scale Climate Data: an Intercomparison of Two Statistical Downscaling Methods,” Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Vol. 12, 551-563. Online at: In this study, Maurer worked with colleague Hugo Hidalgo at Scripps Institution of Oceanography to compare two methods of inferring regional climate change from global climate simulations, both of which are being used in the latest work by the California Energy Commission and CalEPA to project climate change impacts on California resources.

Sally Wood (electrical engineering): S. L. Wood, S. -T. Lee, G. Yang, M. P. Christensen, and D. Rajan, "Impact of Measurement Precision and Noise on Superresolution Image Reconstruction," Appl. Opt. 47, 1638-1648 (2008).

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering): "Wireless LAN Comes of Age: Understanding the IEEE 802.11n amendment" in IEEE Circuits and Systems Vol. 8, No. 1, pp. 28-54, March 2008.

February, 2008

Edwin Maurer (civil engineering): Cayan, D.R., E.P. Maurer, M.D. Dettinger, M. Tyree and K. Hayhoe, 2008, "Climate change scenarios for the California region", Climatic Change, Vol. 87, Suppl. 1, 21-42 doi: 10.1007/s10584-007-9377-6. The article summarizes work, sponsored by the California Energy Commission and the California Environmental Protection Agency, aimed at assessing future climates for California and the potential impacts on key state resources.

Godfrey Mungal (dean of engineering): C. M. White & M. G. Mungal (2008) “Mechanics and Prediction of Turbulent Drag Reduction with Polymer Additives,” Annual Reviews of Fluid Mechanics, 40, 235–256.

Godfrey Mungal (dean of engineering): Y. X. Hou, V. S. R. Somandepalli & M. G. Mungal (2008) “Streamwise Development of Turbulent Boundary Layer Drag Reduction with Polymer Injection,” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 597, 31-66.

Godfrey Mungal (dean of engineering): W. Kim, M. G. Mungal & M. A. Cappelli (2008) “Formation and Role of Cool Flames in Plasma Assisted Premixed Combustion,” Appld. Phys. Letters, 92, 051503 (3 p).

Sukhmander Singh (civil engineering): “Relevance of Technology Enhanced Educational Tools for Engineering Education,” was included in the International Conference on Engineering Education and Research, December 3-7, 2007, Melbourne, Australia.

December, 2007

Rance DeLong (computer engineering term lecturer) had a paper accepted in the proceedings of the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference 2007 in December: “Toward a Medium-Robustness Separation Kernel Protection Profile,” Rance J. DeLong, (Santa Clara University); Thuy D. Nguyen, Cynthia E. Irvine, Timothy E. Leven, (Naval Postgraduate School).

November, 2007

Rachel He (civil engineering): "Estimating Nationwide Link Speed Distribution using Probe Position Data" by Lin, He and Kornhauser was accepted for publication in the Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Rachel He (civil engineering): "Estimation of Origin-Destination Flows and Route Choice Parameters From Incomplete Link Flows" by He, was recently published in the proceedings of the 2007 International Workshop on Computing in Civil Engineering, 347-354.

Edwin Maurer (civil engineering): "Fine-resolution Climate Projections Enhance Regional Climate Change Impact Studies" by Maurer, E. P., L. Brekke, T. Pruitt, and P. B. Duffy (2007), Eos Trans. AGU, 88(47), 504, available online at:

Godfrey Mungal (dean of engineering): "On the Role of Oxygen in Dielectric Barrier Discharge Actuation of Aerodynamic Flows," by W. Kim, H. Do, M. G. Mungal and M. A. Cappelli, Applied Physics Letters, V19, 181501 (2007).

Mahmudur Rahman (electrical engineering) co-authored and published a paper in the IOP journal, Nanotechnology, “Effects of Cathode Structure on the Field Emission Properties of Individual Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Emitters.” Writers included graduate students Darrell Niemann and Bryan Ribaya; graduate Norman Gunther; and adjunct research professor Cattien V. Nguyen.

September, 2007

Ruth Davis (computer engineering) will present "Increasing retention of women engineering student" in a poster session at the American Society for Engineeirng Education (ASEE) 6th Global Colloquim on Engineering Education in Istanbul, Turkey.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi's (electrical engineering) has a book, Adaptive Nonlinear System Identification, on signals and communication technology has been published by Springer.

Wendelin Wright (mechanical engineering): "An Improved Analysis for Viscoelastic Damping in Dynamic Nanoidentification" by W.J. Wright, A.R. Maloney, and W.D. Nix, International Journal of Surface Science and Engineering, Vol. 1, Numbers 2/3 , pp. 274-292, 2007, which she also presented at the 2006 Fall Meeting of the Material's Research Society.

Wendelin Wright (mechanical engineering): "Shape Memory Polymers Based on Uniform Aliphatic Urethane Networks" by W.J .Wright, T.S. Wilson, J.P. Bearinger, J.L. Herberg, J.E. Marion III, W.J. Wright, C.L.Evans, and D.J. Maitland. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Volume 106, pp. 540-551, 2007.

May, 2007

Sarah Kate Wilson (electrical engineering): "Opportunistic Beamforming and Scheduling for OFDMA Systems" by P. Svedman, S. K. Wilson, L. J. Cimini, and B. Ottersten, in the May 2007 issue of IEEE Transactions on Communications.

April, 2007

Edwin Maurer (civil engineering), 2007, "Uncertainty in Hydrologic Impacts of Climate Change in the Sierra Nevada, California under Two Emissions Scenarios", Climatic Change, Vol. 82, No. 3-4, 309-325, doi: 10.1007/s10584-006-9180-9

March, 2007

Vicuna, S., E. P. Maurer (civil engineering), B. Joyce, J. A. Dracup, D. Purkey, 2007, "The Sensitivity of California Water Resources to Climate Change Scenarios", Journal of the American Water Resources Association, Vol. 43 No. 2, 482-498, doi: 10.1111 / j.1752-1688.2007.00038

February, 2007

Mark Aschheim (civil engineering) collaborated with three Santa Clara University seniors, two faculty at the Universidad Centroamericana, and one at the National University of Mexico in writing “Enhancing The Sustainability and Earthquake Resistance of Confined Masonry Dwellings in El Salvador" (Aschheim, M., Flanagan, S., Harlander, J., Pitt, C., Alfaro, A., Rivas, C., Rodriguez, M. E.), which was recently accepted for publication in the Journal of Earthquake Engineering.

Gil-Martin LM, Hernandez-Montes E, Mark Aschheim. (civil engineering), "Optimal Design of Planar Frames Based on Stability Criterion using First-order Analysis." Engineering Structures 28 (13): 1780-1786 NOV 2006

Sumit Naiksatam, Stephen Chiappari (applied mathematics), and Silvia Figueira (computer engineering), "Engineering Pricing Incentives for Efficient Bandwidth Utilization in LambdaGrids", presented at Create-Net/ICST QShine 2006, Waterloo, Canada, August 2006. Selected to appear in the Elsevier's Computer Network Journal.

Sumit Naiksatam, Silvia Figueira (computer engineering), and Stephen Chiappari (applied mathematics), "Triumph of the Bandwidth Commons: Elastic Reservations, Price Incentives, and Request Realignment in LambdaGrids", presented at ICST/IEEE GridNets, San Jose, California, October 2006. Selected to appear in the Elsevier's FGCS - The International Journal of Grid Computing: Theory, Methods and Applications.

Christopher Kitts (mechanical engineering) has a number of publications in press or recently published, including: "A First Principles Approach for Managing Anomalies in Space Systems." IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, Special Issue on Automation Science; "Tsunami-generated boulder ridges in Lake Tahoe, California-Nevada." Geology; "Sapphire: A Case Study in University-Class Satellites." AIAA Journal on Spacecraft and Rockets; "Self-Positioning Smart Buoys, The Un-Buoy Solution: Logistic Considerations using Autonomous Surface Craft Technology and Improved Communications Infrastructure" proceedings IEEE/MTS Oceans Conference; "Internet-based spacecraft operations for the GeneSat-1 Nanosatellite." AIAA Space 2006 Conference; "An Integrated Development Network for Distributed Design" AIAA Space 2006 Conference; "The GeneSat-1 Microsatellite Mission: A Challenge in Small Satellite Design." Proc. AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites.


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