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Centennial Blessings

Fr. Jim Reites (left) and Dean Godfrey Mungal unveil the School of Engineering’s Centennial Plaque.
Photo: Charles Barry

Over the course of a century of operation, the School of Engineering has been the recipient of countless blessings. During the annual Senior Design Conference last spring, our community gathered for the unveiling of a Centennial Plaque which was blessed by James Reites, S.J., associate professor of religious studies and of engineering by courtesy (and, himself, a blessing to our community). Following is Fr. Reites' prayer:

"We are here to mark and celebrate the completion of 100 years of Engineering Excellence in the School of Engineering at Santa Clara University.

"Gracious God, we give thanks for your many blessings on the students and staff, faculty and administrators, our alumni, board members, and all who have promoted and continue to promote the great work of education in our School of Engineering.

"Bless this plaque commemorating this great event. May it be a reminder of our heritage, and a proud sign of future accomplishment. We ask your abundant blessings on our next 100 years. Amen."