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Recently, Santa Clara University adopted a strategic plan to guide our curricula, programs, and decision-making over the next several years. The five areas of focus—excellence in Jesuit education, engagement with Silicon Valley, global understanding and engagement, justice and sustainability, and academic community, are places where the School of Engineering has already been focusing attention for some time as evidenced in our students’ senior design projects.

For the past year, engineering seniors have worked diligently on the capstone projects they recently presented before an audience of alumni, industry collaborators, faculty advisors, family and friends. The selection of their projects says a lot about the excellence of their Jesuit education as they put their expertise to use tackling some of the most challenging problems of our age. Many took advantage of SCU’s location in the heart of Silicon Valley, calling on local industry leaders to serve as advisors. A number chose to focus on sustainability research for projects at home or around the world with teams that include not only engineering students and advisors, but teammates from our business school and academic advisors from external departments across campus. Still others have partnered with other universities around the country and non-government organizations.

The School of Engineering is dedicated not only to furthering the knowledge, compassion, and integrity of our students, but also the goals of the university. In this edition of Engineering News you will see how well we’re doing with both. Enjoy!

Godfrey Mungal
School of Engineering

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