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“The Fun Gang” helps students assimilate

Swades board members

There is a fun new club on campus for graduate engineering students-Swades, the Indian Students Organization. Formed with the aim of “helping Indian students at SCU to feel at home,” the self-proclaimed “fun gang” lives up to their moniker by planning numerous entertaining activities each quarter, sharing the joy of the culture and heritage of India, and bringing awareness to others.

Whether they are celebrating a festival or creating an event to showcase the talents of their members, “Swades helps provide a home away from home and a family away from family for our members,” said Atashi Jain, computer science and engineering graduate student and Swade’s cultural and sports secretary. “We organize activities that are intended to bring together the Indian population in a social setting,” she said, “however, the most important purpose of our club is to assist new students from our home country to acclimatize and settle down in their new environment.”

The group also offers their assistance to prospective SCU students, fielding questions regarding housing and courses and offering sensible advice from those who have “been there.”

Rosie Chow, coordinator of student life and operations for the School of Engineering’s graduate programs is excited about Swades. “This group exudes an enthusiasm that is contagious,” she said. “Not only are they committed to improving the experience here at SCU for their members, their efforts also benefit the University as they help newcomers become involved on campus, providing a different perspective to the entire community.”

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