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While attending a presentation by Tim Bucher, a software engineer who has worked with some of the brightest engineering luminaries of our time, I heard something that has been percolating in my mind ever since. Bucher said one word could be assigned to each of three powerful people he had worked for: Bill Gates-software; Steve Jobs-design; Michael Dell-cost. This made me wonder about words that could be assigned to some of the people I know and places I have worked.

Without a doubt, “mission” is the word that best encapsulates SCU engineering. Each day, through our unique mix of theoretical and hands-on education, personal attention, and Jesuit values, we fulfill our mission to provide the next generation of engineers with the tools and commitment to go out into the world and improve the human condition.

In this edition of EngineeringNews, you will read stories of how our seniors have spent their year designing tools to improve surgical procedures in the United States, water filtration in Honduras, and motorcycle safety for riders everywhere; how our professors are teaching and inspiring our students to design a conceptual rebuilding campaign for Haiti and to think outside the box (or the vending machine, in this case); and the way our programs encourage women in engineering.

At SCU, we are Engineering with a Mission. Read on, and see just what that word means to us.

Godfrey Mungal
School of Engineering