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Graduate Office Announces International Joint Degree Program and New Personnel

Grad personnel

The School of Engineering is pleased to announce the addition of two members to the graduate programs staff: Olivia Jenq joins the team as director, bringing to her role ten years’ experience in the Silicon Valley technology industry, including co-founding an IT startup, as well as a diverse international business background. Rosie Chow fills the new position of coordinator of student life and operations supporting international graduate engineering students as they adjust to American culture and life at SCU. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Chow recently graduated from SCU with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Chow’s position was created in response to a growing desire to facilitate success for graduate engineering students and will be particularly important as the School of Engineering and the Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) in China have launched an international joint-degree graduate program in electrical engineering, providing the opportunity for Chinese graduate students to complete their first year of study at WUT and the second year at Santa Clara University.

Program participants must meet Santa Clara University’s electrical engineering graduate program admission criteria and must have completed their first 22-unit graduate courses at WUT, 18 of which correspond to SCU’s technical core in electrical engineering. Participants will complete their remaining 23+ -unit course work at SCU starting in the fall of 2010, and will graduate with a Santa Clara University degree.

Renowned for its engineering studies, WUT has over 37,000 enrolled students, including 3,370 postgraduates, making it the fourth largest university in China.

“We are very excited about the opportunities this collaboration brings,” said Alex Zecevic, associate dean for graduate studies, “and about our ability to facilitate our new students’ transition to life here in Santa Clara. Olivia and Rosie join outstanding staff members LeAnn Marchewka, assistant director, student services, and Stacey Tinker, assistant director for graduate enrollment management.”