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Ring Knockers Work to Open Doors

SCU Ring Knockers hold their first meeting

SCU Ring Knockers was created to foster innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship among engineering students, alums, and fellow Broncos from other disciplines across campus. At its inaugural meeting, more than 80 graduate students and alums came together to start building a network. Board member Edmund Cheng (BS '01, MS '08) said Ring Knockers will provide a number of opportunities. “We wanted to find a way to help part-time grad students connect with other, motivated individuals who are interested in starting a company, or working on a project together. In class, you meet maybe a dozen people; with a group such as Ring Knockers, we can help expand that network.” Advice on product development, presentations on technology and business trends by industry experts, and preparation for pitching ideas to venture capitalists are other benefits provided by the group.

Ray Kehoe, fellow board member and adjunct professor in computer engineering, sees tremendous potential for promoting entrepreneurship through Ring Knockers:  “We have so much talent within our students and alumni. Here, you can present your idea before a diverse team with experience in management, entrepreneurship, and engineering who can help you flesh out your idea or put you together with others who can work with you.”

Another focus of the group is career networking. As noted on the Ring Knockers’ Website, building a community of peers who will help provide support when one is seeking that first job after graduation, or facing a lay-off, or looking to advance a stalled career is crucial in times of economic uncertainty. “An SCU engineering degree is a common bond and shared experience for thousands of alumni…Ring Knockers…can leverage the power of the SCU network to apply for, recruit, and hire fellow qualified SCU Ring Knockers for their companies.”

“We want to set an example by helping others,” said Cheng. “We want to see some start-ups come out of this group, we want to get and keep SCU alums employed, and we want to build value into a Santa Clara engineering degree. Help for all of that is here in this group.”

Still puzzled about the name of the group? Cheng explains, “If you have the SCU ring, and you knock, we will help.”

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