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Smart Grid and Solar Courses Featured in Graduate Offerings

Addressing the tremendous interest in smart grid and solar technology development, SCU Engineering is offering a full complement of courses and certificate programs to prepare students to enter this exciting arena. Offerings include one-day Emerging Topics certificate programs, 16-unit certificate programs, and individual courses offered through the Open University program.

“The Obama administration’s strong push for smart grid and solar development and deployment is leading to a boom in ‘green’ jobs here in Silicon Valley and beyond,” said Olivia Jenq, director of graduate programs. “The School of Engineering is here to serve a wide range of needs—whether it is simply to assist with freshening up a dated skill set, or to gain the knowledge required for an exciting new career.”

SCU engineering alums qualify for a 50 percent discount on auditing all graduate engineering courses and emerging topics programs. Contact LeAnn Marchewka (408) 554-4765 to register.

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