Santa Clara University


Dean's Message


When called upon to speak about our engineering program, I often make the statement that in today’s global marketplace, the United States must innovate…or else. With more and more manufacturing jobs being outsourced to China, and India leading the charge in development, it is vitally important to our students’ success and to the success of our nation that we not only provide an excellent technical education for our students, but that we encourage our engineers’ creativity and assist them in seeing their ideas through to fruition. In the School of Engineering, we believe that entrepreneurs are not just born, they are developed and nurtured, and we are committed to being an active partner in that process. In this issue of Horizons you will read about some of the ways in which we are encouraging ingenuity and innovation, whether through participation in the Solar Decathlon, providing opportunities for cutting-edge undergraduate research, or helping our graduate students be effective leaders in an increasingly global environment

At SCU, we are “engineering with a mission”—a mission to serve our students, our valley, and our world. By educating engineers to be tomorrow’s innovators and entrepreneurs, we are fulfilling that mission.

Godfrey Mungal
School of Engineering