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Graduate Office Announces Short Courses and Alumni Benefits

The School of Engineering’s Graduate Programs Office has great news to share: a new line up of exciting continuing education courses and perks for engineering graduate alumni.

Beginning this fall, the School of Engineering is offering short courses to students, alumni, and interested members of the community. “These courses, targeting emerging topics in engineering, will be offered in half-day or full-day sessions, providing added flexibility for working professionals seeking to stay current with the latest developments,” said Alex Zecevic, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Professor of Electrical Engineering.

Bringing together leading entrepreneurs, researchers, engineers, scientists, and managers, the program will allow participants to expand their ability to engage in the next generation of technology-based products and services while also providing excellent networking opportunities.

Kicking off the program, Dr. Peter G. Borden, leading technologist and Distinguished MTS with the Solar Business Group of Applied Materials, will present the first in a series of three courses on photovoltaic technology on Thursday, November 20. As an introduction and overview to PV technology, the course will provide students with an understanding of PV applications and of how the components and systems work. The two subsequent courses (which will be offered on February 5 and April 30) focus on solar cells and advanced topics of current interest.

Two other courses (scheduled for March 26 and May 29, respectively) will address Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM), and MIMO Technology in IEEE 802.11n Standard. The instructors are Dr. Katie Wilson and Dr. Sundar Sankaran.

“Given our location in the heart of Silicon Valley, SCU has a tremendous pool of guest lecturers from which to draw for these courses in addition to our own stellar engineering faculty,” said Zecevic. “We are thrilled at the possibilities for collaboration with top professionals in a wide variety of fields, and for reaching out to the community to provide continuing education.”

Perhaps the most exciting developments in this context are the new benefits for engineering graduate alumni. Beginning this fall, our graduate alumni are eligible for a 50% tuition discount on all SCU engineering graduate courses, both regular and short. “This is a lifetime benefit, which allows our graduate alumni to take as many engineering courses as they like, provided there is space available,” announced Godfrey Mungal, Dean of Engineering.  The sole restriction is that courses taken at the discounted rate cannot be taken for credit and must instead be audited.

“This is a tremendous benefit for our engineering graduate alumni, which furthers the School’s mission of promoting lifelong learning” said Mungal. “Also,” he added, “we see this as a way of encouraging scholarship, entrepreneurship, and innovation among our population of alums—something that is critically important in this increasingly competitive global marketplace.”

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