Santa Clara University


SCU Solar Decathlon Team Kicks Off Construction of House

Kickoff of the construction phase.
Bucky the Bronco, student team leader James Bickford, and SCU President Paul Locatelli, S.J., celebrate the kickoff of the construction phase. Photo: Charles Barry
Joined by nearly 100 alumni, sponsors, campus community members, and friends, the SCU Solar Decathlon team recently celebrated the kickoff of the construction phase of the project.  SCU President Paul Locatelli, S.J., congratulated the team on its commitment to aligning the project with the University’s mission and values, noting that “this project gets right to the heart of the Santa Clara educational experience: educating students for the betterment of society.”

James Bickford, project manager and mechanical engineering junior, updated the crowd on the team’s progress, noting the receipt of a $35,000 grant from SCU’s Technology Steering Committee, highlighting the team’s success in meeting all Department of Energy deadlines, and unveiling the latest architectural drawings and innovations in sustainable building that will be incorporated into SCU’s entry.

The Santa Clara University Solar Decathlon team welcomes support and participation in this project.

For further information, contact Timothy Hight or visit the SCU Solar Decathlon team Web site.