Santa Clara University


Graduate Engineering Partners with Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin has selected SCU’s School of Engineering to provide graduate level education for their most promising Silicon Valley engineers. Through the employer’s Engineering Leadership Development Program (ELDP), team-oriented engineers who demonstrate leadership potential and are identified as excellent communicators and problem-solvers are given the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree at their company’s expense here at SCU.

Initially implemented with the University of Denver (DU) for employees at the company’s Colorado site, the success of the program warranted expansion to include Silicon Valley engineers. Collaboration between SCU and DU enables transferees from Denver to continue their education uninterrupted; ELDP members who move between Denver and Sunnyvale may take courses at both universities. The major emphases of the program are mechatronics systems engineering and software computer systems engineering. Participants are required to take two technical development courses in space systems, two courses in systems engineering, and a course in project management.

Nam Ling, associate dean for graduate studies and research, announced the partnership. “Our Silicon Valley location, reputation, and the recommendations of our alumni and the School’s advisory board all contributed to Lockheed Martin’s selection of SCU,” he said, “And the spring enrollment is an early indication of a rewarding collaboration.”

“Partnering with the largest employer in the Bay Area and attracting their best engineers to SCU will only enhance our already excellent program,” Ling added. “We look forward to a successful affiliation with Lockheed Martin, working together to educate Silicon Valley engineers.”