Santa Clara University


Dean's Message


The School of Engineering views a main part of its mission as one where we “serve the valley.” However, over the years, the emphasis in the valley has changed from the development and commercialization of integrated circuits and storage technology in the 1970s, to the development of the microprocessor and personal computer in the ’80s, and the Internet in the ’90s. Now we are witnessing this process of change where sustainability, renewable energy, bioengineering and nanotechnology are some of the emerging areas of activity in the valley.

Santa Clara University is responding to these changes with a greater emphasis in the areas of solar power as witnessed in our Solar Decathlon House, nanotechnology through our Center for Nanostructures, and our new program in Bioengineering which is currently under development and implementation. We aim to produce engineers who will contribute significantly to these emerging areas while becoming the leaders of the future.

SCU Solar House

Our Solar Decathlon House, which has involved more than fifty students, as well as a number of faculty and staff members, competes in Washington D.C. at the contest sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. This event has generated considerable excitement here among all segments of the campus and significant financial support from more than 200 corporate and individual donors in the surrounding valley. We fully expect a new wave of leaders to emerge from this project, reflecting the change we are implementing as we “serve the valley.” A popular proverb says “May you live in exciting times.” I believe that we do.

Godfrey Mungal
School of Engineering