Santa Clara University


Horizons Fall 2007

  • iconSolar Decathlon Team Ships House to D.C.
    Capping 16 months of exhaustive engineering, construction, and fundraising, the SCU Solar Decathlon team performed a last series of tests of their controls system and then dismantled the deck, removed the siding, disconnected the appliances, and watched as their entry into the U.S. Department of Energy’s competition was hoisted onto a 60-foot trailer for its trip to Washington, D.C.
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  • iconRobotics Students Go “North to Alaska”
    Ever been to a kelp-cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of a $12.5 million marine laboratory? A group of SCU robotics students had just that experience this summer when they traveled to Kasitsna Bay, Alaska , to install a weather station and provide an outreach activity for 100 guests. Learn More »
  • iconGodfrey Mungal Appointed Dean of Engineering
    M. Godfrey Mungal, a self-described "teacher who does research," has been appointed dean of Santa Clara University’s School of Engineering.
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  • iconModeling the Future of Transportation
    Transportation engineering is a growing field that has the potential to improve the quality of urban life in a number of different ways.
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  • iconProfessors Work to Improve Communication for All
    Talking with professors JoAnne Holliday (computer engineering) and Sarah Kate Wilson (electrical engineering) about their research in the field of wireless network communication is an enlivening experience.
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  • iconWhat Goes Into a "Green" House?
    In fashioning its entry into the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon, SCU’s team scrupulously considered every detail of their design—from the beautiful bamboo beams overhead to the eco-friendly stuffing in the sofa cushions. Learn More »
  • iconMentoring the Next Generation of Engineers
    Recognizing the challenges women and traditionally underrepresented minority groups often face in choosing engineering as their academic and career path, the School of Engineering has taken a giant step in aiding their success by partnering with MentorNet, an online community that pairs students with engineering professionals for email-based mentoring. Learn More »