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Nominations for Distinguished Engineering Alumni Awards

The annual SCU Engineering Achievement Awards Ceremony honors illustrious members of the School of Engineering’s alumni community and faculty who have distinguished themselves through outstanding professional achievement, noteworthy community service, and/or exemplary dedication to Santa Clara University. This year, the public event will take place in October and will start at 4:30 p.m. to accommodate the participants and attendees. The actual date and venue will be announced over the summer.

The Distinguished Engineering Alumni (DEA) Award, the highest honor awarded by the School, is given annually to Engineering Alumni whose accomplishments in their professions, communities, and university services have set them apart from others. In addition, four faculty awards are also given at this event: The Adjunct Lecturer of the Year Award, the SOE Award for Teaching Excellence, the Researcher of the Year Award, and the Markle Award for Teaching Excellence in Applied Mathematics.

If you are interested in nominating a candidate for the DEA Award, please complete the DEA nomination form at by the June 15 deadline.

For more information on the faculty awards or this event, please visit or email Corinna Corpuz at

NVIDIA's Graphics Cards Donation

The Computer Engineering department is pleased to announce a donation of high-performance graphics cards from NVIDIA Corporation. This donation will equip an entire lab room in the Design Center using a combination of Quadro FX 1100 and Quadro FX 3000 cards which will be used in computer graphics courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. They provide an order of magnitude improvement in graphics performance that will be used in the department's new undergraduate concentration in multi-media game development.

The Design Center Partners Up with Sun Microsystems

The Sun Blade 2500

The Design Center has been able to upgrade its two Sun Solaris labs to the highest end workstations produced by Sun Microsystems, the Sun Blade 2500. SCU's Engineering School is the only school in California to have workstations this powerful in their computer labs. This distinction was made possible with a generous grant from Sun Microsystems totaling $318,232. The Sun Blade 2500 workstations are configured with dual 1.6 GHz Sparc IIIi processors, 2 GB of RAM, 146 GB SCSI hard drive, Sun XVR-600 video card, and a SunPci card (a PC on a card). The SunPci card allows these workstations to run both the Sun Solaris and Windows XP operating systems simultaneously. The mutually beneficial partnership with Sun Microsystems continues to grow with the Design Center hosting a Sun Microsystems 'SunDay'. Several speakers, including Sun data storage division's CTO R.B. Hook gave presentations on relevant Academic and Administrative Computing solutions throughout the day this past January. Sun Microsystems has also provided a 50% off matching grant program annually which the Design Center has taken advantage of for the past 4 years.