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SCU Team - Windows ChallengeSCU Team Places in Windows ChallengE Competition

SCU School of Engineering computer engineering major Tomas Bulka and teammates CJ Bridges and Pavel Pozdnyakov, both computer science majors from the School of Arts and Sciences, took fourth place for their "Mobile Digital Fingerprint Identification System" in the first Microsoft Windows ChallengE competition held on March 20. Twenty-nine student teams designed and implemented a working prototype device for the theme: "Make the World a Safer Place."  Microsoft's Windows Embedded Devices Group; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE); and the Computer Society International Design Competition (CSIDC) sponsored the event.

The project was summarized as "Our team from Santa Clara University, advised by Dr. Daniel Lewis, will be implementing a mobile, digital fingerprint sensor. The purpose of the system will be to allow some authorized person (i.e. police officer, childcare attendant), to check the identity of a person remotely in the field... purpose being, that if a police officer or someone else needs information about a person (previous convictions, name, address, M/F, height weight, etc.) then it will be available to them immediately on-site..."

The SCU team will go on to compete in the CSIDC Final Report Selection for the World Finals competition to be held June 27-29 in Washington D.C.

Microsoft Windows ChallengE Competition

IEEE Computer Society

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