Santa Clara University



Dr. JoAnne Holliday

Drs. JoAnne Holliday (Computer Engineering) and Aslihan Celik (Operations and Management Information Systems) have been collaborating since 2000. Shortly after joining Santa Clara they realized they had similar research interests. Both had done work on distributed systems and databases. Additionally, they shared an interest in the emerging field of wireless computing.

With the help of several university research grants they funded graduate students to be research assistants and founded the Wireless Information and Networking Laboratory (WINLab) to provide students with hands-on experience with the latest in high technology.

This interdisciplinary collaboration has proved very beneficial. Within three years of collaboration, these professors have published 1 journal and 4 conference papers. Their work focuses on efficient data dissemination over the Internet and wireless LANs and increasing the security and efficiency of wireless communications. Current projects include the effect of mobility patterns on subscription data services and increasing the reliability of wireless multicast.

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