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SCU Bridge Program in the San Jose Mercury News

Editorial page columnist, Joe Rodriguez, spent time on campus during the first week of September speaking to students in the summer bridge program. His op-ed piece, “SCU Helps Solve Mystery of College” was featured in the September 10, 2004 edition of the San Jose Mercury News. Ten of the thirty bridge students were engineering majors. In addition, Jeff Ota, Adjunt Lecturer, and Jorge Gonzalez, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, led the School of Engineering’s participation in the program. In the article, Rodriguez commends SCU for encouraging minority admissions. He also stresses the importance of keeping the families of college students involved and informed. For the complete article, visit:

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SCU Ranks in the Top 10% for Percentage of Female Undergraduate Engineering Students

According to the Engineering Workforce Commission (EWC), SCU ranks 35th nationally out of 350 in the percentage of female undergraduates enrolled in engineering programs. SCU’s enrollment figure of 26.8% is almost 9 points above the national average of 18.0%. The data is published in EWC’s latest report, Engineering & Technology Enrollments, Fall 2003.

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