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SOE Organizes International Workshop on Sustainable Development

El Salvador Workshop

August 16-20, 2004—Faculty and students from the School of Engineering (SOE) organized an international workshop in El Salvador with the Universidad Centro Americana Jose Simeon Canas (UCA) to review sustainable engineering applications and practices in Central America. The workshop included a comprehensive review of sustainable engineering methods in the following topics: energy, water resources, disaster-resistant construction, sustainable transportation, and environmental monitoring. There were over 30 attendees from both government and non-government international organizations, such as the US Peace Corps and Universidad Autonoma de Mexico. The main outcome was a comprehensive list of potential projects and opportunities in which academic institutions could collaborate and have a significant societal impact. Sixty-five projects were identified and classified under the following broad topics: air quality and monitoring, building construction, education, energy, transportation, and water sanitation.

This event was sponsored by the Bannan Center for Jesuit Education, the Center for Multicultural Learning, SOE, and Universidad Centro Americana. For more information, contact Dr. Jorge E. Gonzalez.


Distance Learning Site Established in El Salvador

El Salvador

Starting in Winter Quarter 2005, the School of Engineering will teach its first class to students at the Universidad Centro Americana Jose Simeon Canas (UCA) in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Using network and Internet telephony/video equipment provided by a Cisco Systems grant, and an H.323 videoconferencing system on loan from Tandberg, Mechanical Engineering Professor Mark Ardema will teach the fundamentals of Aerospace Engineering to 30 SCU students in classroom EC325 and 10 students sitting in a classroom 2500 miles away at UCA as if they were in the same classroom.

The system uses Cisco’s new IP phone/videoconferencing technology along with a suite of cameras, microphones, and computers that are part of the Tandberg system to broadcast Prof. Ardema’s lectures to the students at UCA. A webcam and IP telephone at UCA will allow Prof. Ardema to see the 10 students and hear any questions they want to ask during the lecture. According to course coordinator Jeff Ota, “watching a working demo of the system in El Salvador was amazing. The quality of video and audio was excellent, and the pre-set camera angles made the white board easy to read. It was like watching a football game on TV. I just felt I was ‘in the lecture’ more even though I was watching it at a remote site. The students at UCA will probably have an advantage over those in the actual classroom.”

In addition to the Cisco grant, the University’s Chief Information Officer, Ron Danielson, along with Dean Pitt provided funding to the project out of internal funds. One major cost was providing books for the students at UCA.

Due to network concerns, the SCU IT Department made an extra effort to ensure that the connection could be made behind the SCU firewall. IT Manager, Todd Schmitzer, and his colleague, Eddie Butler, led the successful effort.


Establishing Collaborations Abroad

Nam Ling
Prof. Nam Ling & President Frank Cheng of Southern Taiwan University of Technology
Nam Ling
Prof. Nam Ling & President Yuan Tong Lee of Feng Chia University

Nam Ling, Professor of Computer Engineering and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research in the School of Engineering, recently visited Feng Chia University and Southern Taiwan University of Technology for the purpose of establishing collaborations for the SCU School of Engineering. Earlier this year, the Presidents and administrators from these two universities visited SCU. In return, combining with other business travels, Dr. Ling made a side trip to meet with the Presidents, Provosts, Vice Presidents, Deans, and Department heads of these two universities.

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SCU Engineering Achievement Awards 2005

Beginning in the new year, the former Distinguished Engineering Alumni Awards Ceremony will have a new format. The awards, together with faculty recognition awards, will be presented in the SCU Engineering Achievement Awards 2005 Ceremony. The new event will be held on June 8, 2005 from 3:00 – 6:00 P.M. in the Mayer Theatre, instead of the previous date of January 22, 2005.

This event honors members of the School of Engineering’s alumni community who have distinguished themselves through outstanding professional achievement, noteworthy community service, and/or exemplary dedication to Santa Clara University. It will also feature an eminent leader from industry as the keynote speaker. An outdoor reception will immediately follow the Awards Ceremony, allowing attendees to socialize and network. The event is open to all Santa Clara University alumni, friends, students, faculty, and staff, as well as the Silicon Valley technology community.

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