Santa Clara University

  • Engineering Alumni Board (EAB) has confirmed Mark Pedrazzi (BSME ’81), former Chair-Elect, to replace Richard Weber (BSCE ’92) as the new Chair for 2005-6. In addition, Conrad Marotta (MSME ‘94, BSME ‘87) was nominated and elected to the position of Chair-Elect for 2005-6. On behalf of the School of Engineering, we thank Richard Weber for his years of dedicated service as chair and member of EAB and we look forward to his continued contributions to the School. For more information on the EAB, visit: Anyone interested in becoming a member should contact Mark Pedrazzi.


  • Hank McKenna (BSME ‘55) has published the first comprehensive reference of fibre rope systems, Handbook of Fibre Rope Technology, Woodhead Publishing (2004).

    McKenna has 40 years experience as an engineer and marketer and has worked in mechanical engineering and marine systems design on a national and international scale. He has a world-wide reputation in the design and application of ropes for high performance service. Since forming Tension Technology International, he has advised rope manufacturers and fiber producers, consulted for offshore contractors, designed barge and supply boat moorings and riser protections systems, and conducted many accident investigations. He is President of the company and has also authored numerous papers.

    In addition, he also taught mechanics, material science, and machine design for 5 years during the 1960s at SCU. He currently resides in Weston, MA.