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Minor in Mechanical Engineering

Students must fulfill the following requirements for a Minor in Mechanical Engineering:

Lower-Division Requirements:
  • COEN 44/44L or 45/45L - Applied Programming
  • CENG 41 - Mehcanics I: Statics
  • ELEN 50/50L - Electric Circuits I
  • MECH 10/10L - Graphic Communications in Design and Lab

Lower-Division Electives (Choose two):

  • MECH 11 - Materials and Manufacturing Processes
  • MECH 140 - Dynamics
  • CENG 43/43L - Mechanics III: Strength of Materials
  • MECH 15/15L - Introduction to Materials Science and Lab

Upper-Division Requirement:

  • MECH 121 - Thermodynamics I

Technical Sequence (Choose one two-course sequence):

  • MECH 122/122L and MECH 123/123L
  • MECH 122/122L and MECH 132
  • MECH 114 and MECH 115
  • MECH 141/141L and MECH 142/142L
    *Please be aware of the prerequisites for the Technical Sequences courses; this may influence your choice of Lower Division courses.

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