Santa Clara University

Mechanical Engineering



With the close of the academic year the Department would like to congratulate the seniors on a very successful senior design day. This year I got to see most of the presentations, if for only a few minutes. I can say that everyone did a great job. It was clear that each of you put time and effort into your work. I should also add that the other faculty and parents that I spoke with were also very proud of your work. You all did well and should be proud of your achievements. This was an excellent culmination to the commitment you have put into your education. It has been a long and productive four years.

I hope with this big step behind you, you will have a good finish to your senior year and a successful start to your careers whether it be a job, graduate school, or other goal. Be aware that your performance reflects glowingly on mechanical engineering as a whole and we as faculty are happy to have been able to support you.

I encourage you to look through our website to meet the faculty and the students. If you would like to learn more about our department or our activities feel free to contact our office or us directly.


Drazen Fabris