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U.S. Army Aeroflightdynamics Directorate

              Looking for a mechanical engineering student with interest in helicopter/aviation dynamics and control to intern this summer.  The intern will help with flight testing of a research rotor-state feedback flight control system on the RASCAL Blackhawk helicopter at Moffett Field. This new technology will help to improve turbulence and gust rejection of the helicopter by sensing rotor-blade motion. The intern will work with Dr. Ivler to help to run validation tests and analyze data from the flight simulator in pre-flight checks/tests. The intern will attend flight tests, take notes, and help plot data of interest post-flight. The job will also include writing up results from simulation and flight tests in short reports (Microsoft Word). We are looking for someone who will be willing to learn and who also has good MATLAB scripting skills. The hours may require some early starts (7:00am) due to the nature of a flight testing schedule. This is a paid position (by the hour), with pay commensurate with the level of college education completed. Position will be at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View.


  • Approximately 10 weeks – June 22nd – August 28th
  • 40 hours/week


  • Strong understanding of vibrations and control systems at the undergraduate level. Must have completed undergraduate Dynamics, Vibrations, and Control system courses by summer 2015.
  • Good understanding of basic MATLAB commands, plotting, and scripting. Some experience with SIMULINK desired.
  • Ability to write clearly and coherently. Ability to use Microsoft Word to make reports (need to be able to do basic formatting, as well as insert figures and tables).
  • Interest in aeronautics and rotorcraft
  • Flexible schedule due to flight testing demands (sometimes requires early start).
  • US Citizen or Green Card (required for work with U.S. Army helicopter flight data).

To Apply:

  • Please send your resume and a short cover letter indicating why you are a good candidate for this position to:
  • Application materials will be accepted until 2/27/15 

Sandia National Laboratories

We are looking for MS CS, EE, and ME candidates for various positions at Sandia National Laboratories.We have our corporate headquarters in Albuquerque, NM too with more postings.

If you have any students or alumni that are qualified* to work for the National Labs and have completed or are about to complete MS or PhD programs please feel free to pass my email contact information to them.

We are in particular need of Computer Science professionals (C++ and Java)

All our job postings can be found on

The best thing to do is to formally apply to as many positions as candidates feel they are qualified for.Most of our Software positions are listed under IT OR R&D

All our ME positions are listed under R&D, Same as EE

There are 2 primary locations: Livermore, CA AND Albuquerque, NM

Thank you!

Cathy Scott, Sr. Sourcing/Recruiting Specialist, email: phone: 925.294.2538

*Most all of our engineering and IT positions require the ability to obtain and maintain a DOE (high level)  government clearance, thus requiring US Citizenship.

SJS Products Jamcor Corporation

Job Description: Mechanical Engineer

Job Summary:The Mechanical Engineer will operate as a hands-on mechanical engineer with a focus on thermal design, having the responsibility for working with SJS Products' global sales staff regarding new and existing thermal design-in business.This position is responsible for identifying, developing and following through on all thermal products opportunities in conjunction with SJS Products' sales force. This includes, but is not limited to, identifying, qualifying and securing thermal products sourcing opportunities for and with SJS Products' purchasing and quality departments as well.

Principle duties and responsibilities:

  • The Mechanical Engineer will support each sales team in our global organization with thermal design/engineering experience:
    • Working on a day-to-day basis with our San Jose sales branch and US OEM, ODM and CM customers;
    • Travel to Hong Kong, China and the Asian region to work with SJS Products Asian sales force and customers;
    • Working independently as needed to follow-up on all opportunities/quotes/etc. and identify, evaluate, assign and implement advantageous thermal products sourcing opportunities.
  • Assign each thermal product opportunity to its appropriate factory.
  • Field all thermal product opportunities/quotes/etc…and communicate with the sales teams throughout the quoting/selling process.
  • Develop, implement, and measure a program which creates a competitive advantage on our market.
  • Operations
    • Assist in developing/implementing new procedures to improve operations
    • Set standards for selling thermal products
  • ME required.
  • Experience with thermal design engineering required.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to develop training program for sales staff and achieve goals with focus lines.
  • On-the-job training will be provided
Organizational Relationships
  • The Mechanical Engineer reports to the President/Chief Executive Officer and/or the Global Sales Coordinator. 
  • The Mechanical Engineer interfaces with Sales Staff, Sales Department, Accounting Department, Purchasing Department, Quality Assurance Department, and Management.

Note:This job description is subject to amendment.


Resumes may be emailed to:

Intuitive Surgical

Date Posted: 9/30/2013

Intuitive Surgical designs and manufactures highly complex endoscopic vision systems for use in surgery. With its corporate headquarters located in Sunnyvale, California, Intuitive Surgical serves customers throughout the United States and internationally, providing technology and procedural innovation across cardiac, thoracic, urology, gynecologic, colorectal, pediatric and general surgical disciplines. Intuitive Surgical is proud to be fulfilling its mission to extend the benefits of minimally invasive surgery to the broadest possible range of patients, while providing extraordinary value for its customers, investors and employees.

Roles: Manufacturing Support, New Product Introduction

Manufacturing Support will include working with a new robotic-controlled product that has just hit production.

New Product Introduction is a group that will be working on new surgical instruments that have yet to reach full production.

This is a fast paced work environment and is a great opportunity for anyone interested in medical devices with a mechanical background.

Joining Intuitive Surgical means joining a team dedicated to using technology to benefit patients by improving surgical efficacy and decreasing surgical invasiveness, with patient safety as our highest priority.

To find out more email Weston Arnold, Manufacturing Engineer, Email:

Byington Steel Treating 

Date Posted: 9/6/13

Byington Steel Treating, the bay area's premier material heat treating company is hiring! BST is looking for engineers interested in careers or paid interships. Byington Steel can offer flexible hours to accommodate class schedules during the school year.

Located 1.5 miles from Santa Clara University campus, BST uses proven metallurgical methods to precisely alter the material properties of customer's parts. Running steel, aluminum titanium copper, brass, plastics, and more. BST staff of 31 people utilize 30 furnaces to meet the heat treating needs of manufacturers all across California.

To excel at Byinton Steel Treating an engineer should:
  • Have a strong understanding of material science, especially the use of phase diagrams and temperature effects on materials
  • Grasp the central ideas of heat transfer and thermodynamics and be able to practically apply them
  • Be willing to work on the shop floor, learning the BST practices, and helping implement new techniques
  • Have a strong technical aptitude. Many designs will be built in house and the engineer will be directly involved in the fabrication
  • Read and comprehend complex material treating specifications, and apply to shop process

Stand out candidates will:

  • Understand metallurgy and its applications
  • Analyze customer needs and apply their metallurgical knowledge to properly heat treat parts

Byington Stell offers a unique opportunity for hands on learning in metallurgy and material science. The industry leader in Northern California, an engineer here will be able to apply operations management skills as new processes are added and refined on the BST floor. Working at BST means interacting closely with customer's engineers and purchasers, seeing where each process in production fits into supply chain management.

As an engineer at Byinton Steel, you will help usher in a new generation of technology and advancement at the company. The job responsibilities can vary from sales and customer interaction, designing of furnaces used the heat treat materials, energy analysis and cost estimating, mechanical design of safety equipment and custom heat treating baskets, and analysis of furnace capabilities to bring in new business using new metallurgical techniques. At Byington Steel you can learn things like welding and fork lift driving, and work side by side with production employees to build and implement your innovative designs.

Please contact Sean Byington with any questions: 408.727.6630

Cardinal Scholars

Date Posted: 8/16/2013

Cardinal Scholars is an in-home and online tutoring company that matches exceptional tutors affiliated with elite universities with elementary, middle, and high school students in need of additional academic support. We are now offering our services to the Santa Clara area and seek tutoring candidates who meet the following hiring criteria.

  • Are fantastic teachers and have experience teaching others
  • Are academically curious and intelligent
  • Love working with kids and are comfortable working in a home environment
  • Are responsible, creative, and motivated
  • Attend or have graduated from Santa Clara as either an undergraduate, graduate, or professional student.

There are many benefits to working with Cardinal Scholars. These include:

  • Freedom to set your own schedule (we expect you to be taking classes yourself!)
  • Tutor between 2-30 hours per week
  • Competitive compensation ranging from $25 to $35/hr
  • Get to know great families from the community who will really appreciate your help

Interested? Apply here ( to learn more about our company, visit

Andrew Doten, Program Coordinator email: phone:650.241.8944

Engineering Assistant Position

Date Posted: 5/16/2013

Established Construction Company with a radical new technology seeks bright, motivated engineering assistants.

Ideal candidate is a mechanical engineering student with a focus in machine design. Expertise in 3D modeling a must.Must be able to learn new 3D modeling tools on the fly and provide 3D models (with animation) for machines & mechanisms in addition to 3D models for houses and mall buildings. Knowledge of servo and stepper drive systems a plus.Knowledge of web-based design and programming a plus. Knowledge of the simulation of structures a plus.

$15+/hr. 15 – 20 hours per week in the afternoon, early evening, and Saturday. If you are the right candidate I will discuss to include your position for a share of Potential stock.

Call Don at 408-416-1153 to set up an interview. 

*Please, do not contact me to solicit any offers or sales marketing or advertising services.  

Future Facilities Inc.

We are looking to bring on both a full-time engineer as well as an intern on board.If you are interested in the intern position and are away for the summer, but still looking to work during the school year.We are willing to be very flexible with your schedule; the office is conveniently right next to the San Jose airport. For those interested in a full-time position, we are looking to hire as soon as possible.

Future Facilities is a software company that uses in-house CFD software '6SigmaDC' for the design and simulation of data centers.Just to give you an idea - some companies that use our software for their data centers are: Facebook, Cisco, IBM, HP.I am aware that these are smaller companies and that you may not have heard of them but I thought it could give you an idea of the type of work we do.If you are interested in getting into the tech industry or have a strong interest in CFD this could be a great position!

Applications Engineer: 
We are looking for a candidate with his / her BS or MS in mechanical engineering who is interested in starting their career in the tech industry.As an applications engineer the candidate should have strong fundamental knowledge in heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics, CFD, and 3D Modeling.Responsibilities include but not limited to: consulting services for clients, product testing (on the software), software support, etc.Roughly 80% time spent in office - 20% on consulting projects.

Intern: Part time position - can be flexible per your schedule.We are looking for hardworking candidate, who is willing and eager to learn.Job will consist of 3D modeling, generating power points from consulting projects, IT equipment modeling and library generation.

Feel free to send me an email at with your resume if you are interested. I would also recommend looking at our website: for more information!

Matt Renner

Applications Engineer Future Facilities Inc.

Office: 408-436-7701, Fax: 408-436-7705,

QBotix, Inc.

Date Posted: 5/15/12

My name is David Weldon.  I am an alumni of SCU, MSME '00. 

I am working for a well-funded, start-up company called QBotix located in Menlo Park.  We are developing a utility scale, dual axis solar tracker for PV panels.  Our product has a heavy robotic slant, which is the unique and interesting aspect of our product. 

Although it's a bit late in the year, hoping to find out if there are any engineering students (undergrad or graduate) who are looking for internships.

We have the need for the following interns:

1.2-3 ME/Civil (machine design, structural)

2.One EE (DC servomotor control, battery management, board design/test)

3.One Mechatronics (robotic control)

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

David Weldon Sr. Manager of Mechanical Systems

1080 O'Brien Drive Menlo Park, CA 94025 408-410-6752 (M)

Video Clarity, Inc

Date Posted: 3/28/12

We are looking to hire a part-time employee to help with manufacturing. Due to our small size the employee will be exposed to many different aspects of manufacturing: creating BOM's, assembly instructions, inventory control as well as helping with actually assembly.

We would provide 10-20 hours of employment a week and are very flexible with school schedule. Transportation to and from our office will need to be arranged by the employee though we are close by in Campbell, CA.

We believe that this position can be held by someone studying for a Bachelors or Masters.

Skills we are looking for:

Contact: Adam Crouch, Director of Operations,  Phone: 408.439.4464, Email:

JP Research

Date Posted: 3/28/12

CEO of JP Research, Ajit Dandapani is interested in recruiting Junior, Senior, and Grad Mechanical Engineering students for internships and full-time positions.

Location: Mountain View

Check BroncoLink for more information.

Phone: 650.396.7376 or Email:

TEK systems

Date Posted: 2/22/12

Job Description:

Perform testing per test plans to qualify all parts involved in Xbox 360 system and component level cooling solution, such as: fans, heatsinks, heatpipes, heatsink retention mechanisms, thermal interface material, thermal gap pads, etc.
- Perform testing per test plans on variety on test vehicles, including Thermal Load Boards, Golden Thermal Units, EV, DV builds, retail units.
- Travel locally to test laboratories to conduct testing that required specialized equipment.
- Experience with operating AMCA 210-99 - Airflow Test Chamber.
- Create necessary test vehicles following established procedures.
- Write detailed test reports and file in appropriate directories.
- Present test data in appropriate format that addresses needs of different audiences.
- Occasionally participate in meetings to present test data.
- Participate in training of suppliers to enable them to perform comparison performance testing for their parts and materials.
- Use all necessary test equipment to perform testing in most accurate and timely manner.
- Use lab equipment as appropriate for parts modifications.
- Work in an integrated environment of thermal, mechanical and electrical engineering.
- Limited travel may be required.
- Experience with Flotherm CFD software is a plus
- Excellent verbal and written communicational skills
- Excellent hands on abilities

T 408.367.6835 F 408.367.6882

Gillig, LLC., Hayward, CA - Sr. Design Engineer

Date Posted: 2/16/12


Gillig is seeking a Sr. Design Engineer to lead a team of 2-3 on projects to design component parts and systems for heavy duty diesel and hybrid powered transit vehicles.Responsibilities will include creating layouts (in Autodesk Inventor/Autocad), part designs and drawings, component and system design validation, conducting stress analysis tests, writing instructions for bill of material creation, production support and online problem solving, working with vendors on manufacturing/service issues and new products.With minimal supervision, you must be able to engineer high quality, cost effective design maximizing commonality across product lines.You must be able to provide technical support to Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing and Service departments.Good communication skills are required.

Engineers who want a fast paced, highly technical, hands-on career, designing and building energy efficient transportation equipment should join our expanding team.

Requirements: Degree in Mechanical Engineering and 3+ years design engineering experience or equivalent automotive experience with high quality 3D capabilities or 3D modeling skills in production/manufacturing background. Must have great analytical skills.

Gillig offers an excellent compensation and benefits package including company-paid premiums for medical, dental and vision for employees and their families.Other benefits include a unique 401(k) profit-sharing plan.We are an equal employment opportunity employer that supports a drug-free workplace.

Contact: Elodia Hernandez, HR Administrative Asst., Phone: 510-264-4410, E-Mail:

Jennings Technology, San Jose, CA - Materials - Planner Intern

Date Posted: 09/21/11


Division/Group: Utility

Reports To: Materials Manager

Jennings Technology a leader in high voltage vacuum devices is offering a Materials – Planner internship program for the planning and setting up kanban processes and pull systems.

Desirable Attributes:

Educational/Skill Requirements:

Primary Responsibilities:

1. Support materials and manufacturing activities through:

2. Support materials group through setting up kanban and pull systems.

3. Participate on project teams to set up and audit kanban systems.

4. Perform as assigned, other similar or related duties.


Suresh Kumar Phone: (901)230-2459 Email:

Jennings Technology, San Jose, CA - Manufacturing Engineer Intern

Date Posted: 09/21/11


Division/Group: Utility

Reports To: Engineering and Quality Manager

Jennings Technology a leader in high voltage vacuum devices is offering an engineering internship program for the manufacturing and design of electro-mechanical devices.

Desirable Attributes:

 Educational/Skill Requirements:

Primary Responsibilities:

1. Support manufacturing and quality activities through:

2. Support design activities through 3D modeling and 2D drawing development.

3. Participate in design and development review meetings.

4. Participate on project teams and be responsible to complete assigned project tasks on time.

5. Perform as assigned, other similar or related duties.


Jose Frias, Engineering & Quality Manager Phone: (408)282-0388 Email:

Serious Energy - HVAC Product Development Engineer

Date Posted: 08/29/11


Pre-IPO company in energy saving space is seeking a highly motivated individual to join our team of instrument and software experts. As part of this team, you will contribute to the development of HVAC analytics and fault detection software. You will be responsible for creating and maintaining experimental setups, managing and analyzing data as wll as developing algorithms, generating software specifications and prototypes. You will work in a fast-paced environment where teamwork, willingness to learn and take initiative are strongly rewarded.



Please contact Alberto Fonts: email - or phone - 408.246.1500

FLIR Systems, Inc. - Junior Technical Sales Representative for our Burlingame, CA office‏

Date Posted: 08/05/11

Responsible for pan-tilt motion control products sales through direct pursuit of OEM's and systems integrators in commercial and military/government markets. Consultative sales environment requires in-depth product knowledge, hands-on product demonstrations and building long-term customer relationships. Provide market and sales reporting and planning information and participate in strategy formation.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Selling and Prospecting

  • Responsible for post-sales follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction, project success and maximization of follow-on sales. These responsibilities are expected to require the following tasks:

Account Management

Budgeting, Forecasting, Reporting

Product Marketing

  • Analyze prospects and customers to assist VP Sales in developing strategy, channel and partner strategies.

Essential Job Functions:

Please note that we can only hire US Citizens or Permanent Residents with Green Cards for this role.
All who would like to be considered for this role should go directly to our website to apply:

Engineer - Pipeline Engineering Group

Date Posted: 03/03/2011

GTS provides natural gas and electric utility clients with engineering, construction, operation, maintenance, and strategic consulting services. GTS understands that there is not a one size fits all application for management or operational needs in these challenging industries. We firmly believe that every client and, more importantly, every project is unique. To help achieve client objectives, our consulting, engineering, project management, and construction management support is customized to support our clients' dynamic project needs. 

Our leadership team consists of former utility executives experienced in engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of natural gas pipeline and electric transmission & distribution systems.
The GTS corporate office is located in Chico, California.

Position Reports to: Senior Engineer

Under supervision and with latitude for independent action or decision, the Pipeline Engineer performs responsible engineering work on a professional level in design of engineering jobs, projects, or parts thereof. The Pipeline Engineer is responsible to ensure quality and compliance with all relevant codes and standards. The Engineer may be required to perform activities such as cost estimating, field measurements; preparation and correction of field drawings, ordering and receiving material; initiation of right-of-way acquisition, licenses, and permits; preparing operating and maintenance instructions, inspection and performance of other related duties.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Civil Engineering – Professional Registration Desired

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Specific Skills and Abilities

Work Environment

Additional Information
Compensation will consist of base salary, retirement package (Safe Harbor 401k and profit sharing), comprehensive health, dental and vision benefits, life insurance, vacation, sick pay and paid holidays.

Please email your resume and salary requirement to Bill Blastic at To learn more, you may also visit us at

FLIR Systems, Inc. - Mechanical Engineer for our Burlingame, CA office‏

Date Posted: 03/02/2011

The Manager of Manufacturing Engineering provides leadership and direction in the manufacture, design, improvement, testing, and quality of Company products, oversight and management of contract manufacturers, manufacturing and component engineering documents, and related staffing and support. Overall responsibilities include product lifecycle engineering from Product Requirements to Development to Manufacturing. You are hands-on lead of manufacturing engineering for Company products and their components and assembly.
The Company designs and manufactures a range of precision devices for the intelligent control and interpretation of sensors. These products are sold into industrial, government, and military markets and they support a wide range of applications in security, scientific research, communications, and military operations.

Duties and Responsibilities

Core Performance Skills

Education and Experience


Please note that we can only hire US Citizens or Permanent Residents with Green Cards for this role.
All who would like to be considered for this role should go directly to our website to apply:

Good Engineer for ASME Department

Date Posted: 02/16/2011

Greetings Fellow ASME Members,
I'm an ASME Lifetime Member, and someone who's gone to Santa Clara ASME meetings to network for a job. I'd like to both find a good engineer or two for our department, and help fellow ASME members if possible. If you'd like to apply, please send me your resume:

Nanosolar manufactures solar cells on aluminum foil, using roll-to-roll processing, at our factory on Hellyer Avenue in south San Jose. See We need engineers in our Equipment Engineering department, to design equipment while improving manufacturing process. Web-handling experience would be great, but not required. This position is for a strong individual contributor, who has the skills to manage their projects--not for a manager to supervise us.

Job Description
This individual will be responsible for developing and implementing new equipment in our solar cell factory in San Jose, and its planned expansions. This is an incredible opportunity to drive planned improvements in our very innovative and promising photovoltaic product, while scaling production. This individual will develop new equipment by building in-house prototypes and proving concepts. Additionally, this candidate will guide/manage industrial partners to build manufacturing scale tools per Nanosolar specification. He/she provides guidance and technical direction to both management and peers. This is the recognized lead expert in area of specialization. This individual acts as Team Leader on her/his projects.

Job Requirements

Minimum Qualifications

We have a strong team, solid funding, and a lot of important, challenging, fun engineering to do. This is a fine work environment.

LeadAmerica Opportunities

Date Posted: 02/18/2011

LeadAmerica is looking for mature, responsible, enthusiastic, upbeat individuals to join our exceptional staff for the 2011 conference season.

Conference Topics Include:
Business & Entrepreneurship
Digital Media & Journalism
Engineering & Robotics
Government & Politics
Law & Justice
National Leadership Summit
National Security & Intelligence
Medicine & Healthcare
Medicine & Science
Theatre Arts

To Apply:
For more information on our conferences or to apply for this exciting opportunity, please visit our website at You must apply online in order to be considered for a position. If you wish to contact us, please email us at or call 866-394-5323 x270.

Various Opportunities

Date Posted: 02/18/2011

We are looking for people who are willing and ready to become active and volunteer in our section. If you are interested please contact me and I'll make sure to get you involved. It can be as little as helping to organize an event or as much as becoming a section officer. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Our 1st 2011 event is planned for the evening of February 16th. Please see below for details. To view and download the event flier please visit our web site at:

Remember, if you're looking for work or for someone to work for you, or looking for engineers to network with our ASME events are the place to go

Simulation and its role in today's engineering. How simulation can help minimize environmental impact, reduce safety risk, improve functionality, and augment sustainable design.

Date & Time:
Wednesday, February 16th 2011
6:30 PM - Social, networking, no host bar
7:15 PM – Dinner and conversation
7:45 PM – Presentation by Jon Berkoe
8:30 PM - Meeting adjourn

Pyramid Brewery
901 Gilman street
Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 527-9090

Reservations are required,
$30 for Members
$20 for Student members & unemployed
$35 for Non-members and guests

To Pre-register and pay by Credit Card please go to:

(This is a new feature we started to offer in 2011. Please let us know if you are having problems with the Credit card registration send e-mail to: or RSVP by sending an e-mail to: Please indicate your Name, phone number and number of people in your party.

Jon Berkoe is a Senior Principal Engineer at Bechtel Corporation and Manager of the company's Advanced Simulation & Analysis (ASA) Group. Jon's group supports engineering projects around the world by providing detailed technical knowledge for critical design situations – i.e., wherever the potential for high risk/exposure exists and design uncertainty must be reduced, or wherever the design calls for particularly challenging and precise performance requirements - based on rigorous modeling techniques and advanced visualization capabilities.
For this presentation Jon will present some examples of how simulation has been used to help minimize environmental impact, reduce safety risk, improve functionality, and augment sustainable design.

Speaker Bio:
Jon is an innovative team leader with industry-recognized expertise in the fields of heat transfer and computational fluid dynamics. During his 22-year career at Bechtel he has pioneered the use of advanced engineering simulation on a wide range of complex projects.
Jon has presented and published a multitude of papers at a wide variety of industry meetings and received several prominent industry and company awards, including the National Academy of Engineers Gilbreth Lecturer Award, the Society of Mining Engineers Krumb Lecturer Award, as well as four Bechtel Outstanding Technical Paper awards. He holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is a licensed Mechanical Engineer in California.

Are you an experienced ME in semiconductor automation/robotics? Contact Ruba (recruiter) at Aerotek; 650-825-2932.

Organization/Company Name: PowerWorks
Location: Tracy, CA
Job Description:
Job Type: Project Engineer
Contact Person: Rick Koebbe, President,
Date Posted: July 27, 2010

Manufacturing Systems Engineer - Cognex Corporation

The Comapny:

With more than 275 patents and the largest team of industrial machine vision experts anywhere in the world, Cognex has set the standard for innovation in the machine vision industry. But our innovation goes beyond technology; we are also known for the creative programs we have designed to recognize and reward the employees whose efforts keep us at the top of our field. Our 'work hard, play hard, move fast' culture is challenging, stimulating and rewarding.

As we continue on our successful journey, we are looking to add more talented, innovative and dedicated engineers to our team. So, if you are someone who enjoys work because of the sense of accomplishment that it gives you, and if you want to be part of a high impact team working for a financially strong, global company that is the leader in the machine vision industry, then contact us, because working at Cognex is not just a job….it's a passion!

The Role:

This position is responsible for the strategic direction and coordination of manufacturing engineering within Cognex SISD. You will engage with Marketing and Product Planning to define future product requirements, lead the design, optimization and maintenance of our hardware platforms optimizing performance, power, integration and cost. Working directly with software, operations, product management and executive management teams.

Essential Functions:
  1. Reviews and maintains source control documentation for all customer-supplied materials, including assembled PCBs, cables, panels (power supplies), etc.
  2. Ability to write technical documents, test plans clearly and concisely
  3. Participate in system development activity to assure our designs are technically sound and we meet requirements, packaging testing and compliance standards (CE, UL, FCC, TUV, etc)
  4. Establishes and administers an ECO process to assure proper revision control
  5. Works with Engineering on EOL and new product evaluation
  6. Acts as liaison for Manufacturing to assure the smooth transition of new products into the production environment, including working with Engineering and Marketing to establish product specification
  7. Participates as manufacturing engineering lead on concurrent engineering teams with various internal groups to plan and execute new product initiatives
  8. Provide innovative leadership in product development process improvements and refinements particularly as they apply to electronic hardware development
  9. Works with Engineering personnel to establish Bills of Materials, product costing for labor and materials for new products
  10. Leads Design for Manufacturability (DFM) with our subcontractors and design engineers
  11. Ensures key changes from board-level and mechanical DFM analysis are implemented
  12. Leads all product introduction plans with subcontractors for new product introductions to ensure smooth transition from design to manufacturing
  13. Supports engineering development by coordinating the manufacture of engineering prototypes, evaluation/ test units and pre-production units
  14. Defines requirements to analyze/ monitor contract manufacturer supplied process yield and defect data
  15. Ensures supplier quality performance by determining root cause of failures at subcontractors site, ensuring appropriate corrective action plans are developed and implemented and by driving ongoing production yield improvements
  16. Leads new supplier qualification initiatives to ensure requirements can be met
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
  1. Comprehensive knowledge base of the most current electronic components, software and sub- assemblies, SMT & PCB layout and design issues
  2. Advanced knowledge of systems such as MRP, Access or Oracle database, AutoCAD, Solidworks or Visio
  3. Experience must include managing outsourced manufacturing
  4. Strong individual contributor with excellent written and verbal communication skills is required
  5. Exceptional analytical skills, and the ability to think strategically and act tactically are a must
  6. Machine Vision/Image processing hardware experience
  7. Familiarity with inspection systems, cameras, and sensors
  8. Experience with digital circuits containing microcontrollers and DSPs
  9. Experience with 10GbE, PCIe, CameraLink, GigE Vision hardware implementations
  10. Experience with Cadance Orcad & Allegro, Xilnx ISE, ModelSim
  11. Extensive knowledge in ECO process
  12. Demonstrated expertise developing and documenting methods of manufacturing electronic products
Minimum Education:
  1. BSME or equivalent
  2. 5+ years of experience working in a manufacturing engineering capacity in a high growth, high change environment
  3. Formal ASQ training and 5 years of experience with the following: ISO/ QS 9000, Six Sigma, Kan-Ban, TQM, SPC, 8D, FMEA and ISO auditing preferred

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this classification. They are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of personnel so classified.

Contact: Elizabeth Samara-Rubio,