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Faculty & Staff

The Department is committed to providing the highest quality of instruction through both our full time and part time faculty. Our seven tenured or tenure track faculty span the breadth of fundamental topics in mechanical engineering, including: thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, design, controls, and dynamics. In addition, we have two full time adjunct faculty, and as many as 10-12 highly skilled part-time adjunct faculty per quarter in areas that broaden our graduate program and expand our ability to teach undergraduate courses. All full time faculty have Ph.D.’s in mechanical engineering or similar disciplines, and most of the part time faculty do as well.

In addition to teaching, all tenured and tenure track faculty are involved with research in a wide range of areas. Areas of interest range from the control of multi-robot arrays to the mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes, and from sustainable energy to optimization. See individual web pages for further discussion of these activities.

The Department’s staff consists of our administrative assistant, and our shop and laboratory supervisor. The staff are indispensible in keeping the department running and in serving our undergraduate and graduate students, and are dedicated to providing outstanding service to the department and our students.