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IDEAS: 2011 Projects

2011 Capstone Senior Design Projects

The Future is Green

Melissa Conlin, Michael Truong
Advisor: Rani Mikkilineni

Working with Girl Scouts of Northern California, students developed a website to teach young women about green technologies. The website works as a learning tool, incorporating information about sustainable technologies, and teaches the advantages of these technologies through interactive simulations.

FACE: Fair Trade Calculator for Everyone

Rosalie Tolentino, Eva Jensen, Ryan Davidson
Advisors: Silvia Figueira, Rani Mikkilineni

The team developed a web-based application on five mobile platforms to display The World of Good’s fair wage data.

Sustainable Design in Ghana

Dan Lawrie, Will Sommer
Advisors: Mark Aschheim, Sukhmander Singh

This team researched and implemented a new building material into a sustainable and economical residence for the people in Northern Ghana. The new material eliminates the need for a brick press, simplifying production. A catenary arch creates simple and easy-to-build structures to serve as residences and other structures.

Make it Rain

Dean Hoang, Kenneth Murata, Geoffrey Zen
Advisors: Tim Hight, Shoba Krishnan

The team partnered with Walden West Outdoor Science Camp School for this project to design a sustainable drip irrigation system for their garden. Excess power from the solar panels will be stored for general use. The project will be explained to the students at the camp to educate them about sustainability.

Fuel Efficient Cook Stove

Miguel Gomez, Abimael Bastida, Saul Hernandez, Alejandro Lobato
Advisor: Hohyun Lee

The students designed, built, and implemented a fuel-efficient cook stove for use in impoverished communities of Nicaragua. The stove incorporated the use of thermoelectric power generation to produce forced air flow.






Blades of Power

Ayesha Ahmad, Christina DaSilva, Zaireen Razzak
Advisor: Shoba Krishnan

The project involves educating young children about wind energy. The focus was to analyze and test two different types of wind turbines and integrate them together. They also created an interface to compare and display the amount of energy being produced from each turbine.


2011 Non-Capstone Projects

BlueBird Home Video

Max Wyman, Brian Rosario
Engr110 Professor: Shoba Krishnan

Students used the structure from a previously built birdhouse, and attached a new roof with a camera inside. The camera has the ability to stream images over the Internet. From this stream students will be able to learn by watching and observing the bluebirds behavior in their natural habitat. Visit the Peterson Middle School Nature Center website. 



Urbanite Wall

Catherine Borst, Stephanie Truong
Engr110 Professor: Shoba Krishnan

A gravity retaining wall was constructed for the Forge Garden. The retaining wall was designed to resist the lateral pressure of the soil behind it and allow for a change in soil elevation to increase planting surfaces. It was constructed out of waste concrete using the dry-stacking method.



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