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Meeting of SCU faculty, SCU students, and UCA faculty in El Salvador.

Community-Based Projects are distinguished through an interaction, motivation, and/or impact that involve a community beyond the university.

We define a community-based project as a project with one or more of the following characteristics:

  • It is defined by the community.
  • It is constrained by the community.
  • It provides a clear social benefit.
  • It involves the community through feedback and prototype evaluation.
  • It creates a new community through the solution of a problem.

2012 Capstone Senior Design Projects

Get Me There

Joe Schneider and Monica Camorongan
Advisor: Silvia Figueira

The student team developed an iPhone application to enable developmentally disabled adults to travel independently using mass transportation. The student team consulted with staff and clients at the Santa Clara Adult Education Center to design and develop the application.

Sustainable Design Solutions for Housing in Ghana

Nathan Rogers, J. Matt Jansen
Advisor: Mark Aschheim, Sukhmander Singh

Overpopulation and inadequate building practices have led to deforestation and poor housing for the local communities in the Upper East region of Ghana. Previous sustainable building methods were examined and refinements investigated to determine the least expensive and most effective method for home building in Ghana's remote villages.

Design for Community Improvements in Sabana Granda, Nicaragua

Kyle Magazu, Agustine Perez-Rojas, Elizabeth Mercado, Lisa Yabusaki, Hildaisabel Garcia
Advisors: Steve Chiesa, Sukhmander Singh

The team designed three systems for the community of Sabana Grande, Nicaragua. The three systems included: a washing station implementing solar pumping and water catchment, a bio-digester producing bio-gas to be used for cooking, and latrines which are double composting.

El Pital, Honduras Water Purification/Distribution Design

Lilya Ouksel, Ashley Ciglar
Advisor: Steve Chiesa

The team designed a water purification/distribution system for the community of El Pital, Honduras. The project entailed the design of a peaking tank, chlorination device, and pipe system. All components were designed to accommodate an appropriate volume of flow for a rural town and was sized using a projected maximum population growth.

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