Santa Clara University


Latimer Energy Laboratory Scholars Program

The Latimer Energy Laboratory (LEL) Scholars Program is open to all SCU engineering students. The program provides education, research and hands-on project opportunities in renewable or sustainable energy generation and use. The objective of the LEL Scholars Program is to develop students who upon graduation are among the best educated students in the world in the area of sustainable energy.

Scholars typically begin the program as freshmen, and continue on through four years, gradually acquiring an increasingly sophisticated understanding of sustainable energy generation and use. This understanding comes through lectures and self study, through research, and through hands-on projects. Ideally a scholar’s Senior Project is a result of experiences in the Scholars Program.

Program Benefits:

  • Study of the fundamentals of sustainable energy
  • Opportunity to do advanced study and research
  • Opportunity for hands-on projects
  • Opportunity for internships in the renewable energy industry
  • Paid focused summer projects
  • Preparation for Senior Projects

Application: Participation in the Program is through application via email to the director of the laboratory, Dr. Tim Healy,

Program Flyer (PDF)

Industry Partners' Flyer (PDF)