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Once a form is completed, please print it out, obtain the necessary signature(s) and return it to the Graduate Services Office for final processing (with the exception of the grad/undergrad permission form which needs to be walked over to the Office of the Registrar by the student once signed by Grad Services).

Graduate Engineering Forms

Program of Studies

All M.S. students: you are required to complete a Program of Studies Form and meet with your academic advisor in your first quarter of residence, in order to make sure you are on the right track for successful completion of the program. Maintenance of the Program of Studies, as well as regular academic advising, is critical and failure to do so may result in a delay in graduation.

All Certificate and Open University students: you may apply a maximum of 16 units from any of our certificate programs toward the 45 units. The same applies to eligible Open University units. These units should be included on your Program of Studies as regular units, not in the Transfer Credits section.

NOTE: Open University students who are considering enrolling in the M.S. program should be aware that each M.S. specialization has its own set of requirements, and that the number of “free electives” is very limited. Such students are therefore strongly encouraged to choose their classes in consultation with a faculty advisor from the very beginning.

Please note: Once the Program of Studies Form is signed, it should be submitted to the Engineering Graduate Programs Office located in Guadalupe Hall Room 330 no later than the end of a student's first quarter. Any subsequent changes to the Program of Studies requires an advisor's signature.






International Students