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     Welcome to the FrugalBlog, Connor O’Brien’s weekly compendium on frugal innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, and social justice. Send comments, criticism or ideas to

    Hello Frugal Lab followers! Sorry for the radio silence the last couple of weeks, school started up and we have been BUSY. Lots to update you on but first, your audiophile advisory.

    Audiophile Music Advisory: The Zolas, "Knot in my heart"

    Our very own Radha Basu taught ENGR 1 – Introduction to Engineering at the Frugal Innovation Lab at the beginning of this quarter. ENGR 1 seeks to introduce different engineering disciplines to new engineering students like interdisciplinary aspects of engineering, engineering professionalism, ethics, and civic engagement. The Frugal Innovation Lab is one of eight modules during this course.


    Over the course of this class, Frugal Innovation Lab presented our unique brand of socially responsible engineering to over 180 students!  


    Thanks again for reading, and as always comments, complaints, tips and suggestions can be sent to


    Happy Humpday!

    The Frugal Lab Team


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