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2009 Faculty Awards

Congratulations to the following 2009 SCU School of Engineering Faculty Award Winners!

Presentation of our faculty awards will be made during our E-Week Speaker Series Event February 17, 2010. RSVP Here.

Researcher of the Year Award: Edwin Maurer, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering.

Ed Maurer, 2009 SCU School of Engineering Researcher of the Year
Dr. Maurer's general areas of expertise are in water resources and hydrologic modeling. His most recent research is in simulating large scale hydrologic dynamics, looking for potential improvements in long-lead forecasting, and studying regional hydrologic effects of climate change. Data submitted by Maurer was recently used as a foundation for some of the analysis and displays produced in California's Adaptation Strategy. The superb quality of his recent work, the number and scope of research contributions he has made, and the outstanding alignment of his work in the field of sustainability with the interests of the School of Engineering and the University serve as shining examples to his students and colleagues. See Dr. Maurer's web page.


Award for Teaching Excellence: Nam Ling, Professor of Computer Engineering and Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development.

Nam Ling, 2009 SCU School of Engineering Teacher of the Year
Professor Ling is an internationally-renowned consultant and speaker on video coding, video communication, multimedia data compression, and computer architecture. He was named an IEEE Fellow for contributions to video coding algorithms and architectures, and is an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer (Circuits and Systems). In nominating Ling for this award, students praised the attention to detail, clarity, and organization of his lectures and class notes, and the passion and enthusiasm he brings to class. Ling's inspirational teaching has enabled students to learn subject matter at a higher level than they could have ever expected. See Dr. Ling's web site.



Adjunct Lecturer of the Year: Radhika S. Grover.

Radhika Grover, 2009 SCU School of Engineering Adjunct Lecturer of the Year 
Professor Grover received her Ph.D. in Computer Engineering at Santa Clara University in 2003. Since 2004, she has served as an adjunct lecturer for both computer and electrical engineering, teaching more than 10 different courses in computer architecture, digital design, embedded systems, and multimedia systems. Her teaching has been of the highest quality and reaches beyond the classroom as she spends countless hours assisting students master difficult concepts. Her dedication to academic excellence exemplifies the tenets of a Jesuit education. More information.


Gerald E. Markle Award: Richard J. Sherman.

Dick Sherman, 2009 SCU School of Engineering Gerald E. Markle Award Recipient
Dr. Sherman received his BSEE and MSEE degrees from Santa Clara University, and his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Oregon State University. For the past 20 years, he has served as an adjunct lecturer for the Department of Applied Mathematics in the School of Engineering. While he continues his work here at SCU, he recently retired after a 43-year career at Lockheed Martin Corporation and Ford Aerospace, where he conducted studies in statistical communication theory, satellite communications, modulation theory, error correction coding, spread spectrum coding, and hardware system simulation. Dr. Sherman receives this award in recognition of his excellent teaching, dedication to students, and long service to the Department of Applied Mathematics.

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