Santa Clara University


Our Constituencies

The Department identifies four major constituencies:

  • Our students
  • Our alumni
  • The University
  • Industry

Students are our constituents because we are here for them. We owe them the best education possible, and we owe them the respect of communicating with them about what we are doing, and listening to their perspectives on their education.

Our alumni are our constituents because they are influenced throughout their lives by the education that we have given them. Our success in educating them is measured to an important degree by their success in life. We maintain contact with our alumni in a number of ways. Every two (even-numbered) years we run the EBI survey for recent graduates. Finally, we intentionally include alumni on our Advisory Board.

We consider the University to be a constituency because of the close ties that we maintain with all of University life. On the one hand the University provides a large part of the broader education, beyond engineering, that we consider so important for our students. On the other hand the engineering education that we provide has an important impact on the nature of our students' lives beyond engineering.

We recognize that most of our students will work in industry for at least a part of their lives. We also know that a large majority will remain in the Bay Area. One way to tap into, and obtain feedback from the local industrial community is through our Electrical Engineering Department Advisory Board (EEDAB).

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