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Q. At what times is the Design Center open?
The Design Center is open from 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM daily (7 days) and 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM during holiday and break periods. However classes take precedence over individuals accessing the lab (Lab schedules are available at: ).

Q. How can I request for software to be installed? 
Generally, a faculty member must submit a Software Request Form (available on-line or from department administrative assistants or the Design Center Systems Manager). However, we will consider software requests from students if the software is free and could be of use to many students. Please try to make sure that the software supports our hardware before making a request. The list of resources at the design center is available at:

Q. What are the list of resources that are available at the Design Center?
The list of hardware resources can be found at and the list of software resouces can be found at For additional/new installations use the Software Request Form or contact the Design Center.

Q. Do we have remote connectivity to the design center?
Telnet, FTP or SSH can be used to access the UNIX computers.
Hostnames: and
For information on remote graphical access to Unix systems see FreeNX 
For information on Microsoft Terminal Server Service see term_serv

Q. Who is the contact person in case of help or more information?
The design center lab is equipped with administrative personnel who can be contacted for any issues that may arise. 
  Lab Monitor (Design Center Front Desk); (408) 554 – 4909;
  Chris Tracy – System/Security Administrator;
  Jason Chong - Windows System Administrator; (408) 551 - 1893;
  Lantz Johnson – Manager (408) 554 – 6806;  
You can also find help @:


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