Santa Clara University


Center for Nanostructures
Bannan Engineering, 1st floor, EC100

Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Phone: (408) 551-1712
     Fax: (408) 551-3030

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Members and Partners

Daniel Amare

Daniel Amare
Laboratory Manager


Dr. Richard Barber
Professor of Physics
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Dr. Drazen Fabris
Associate Director
Chair and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
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Dr. Unyoung (Ashley) Kim
Associate Professor, Bioengineering Program
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Dr. Hohyun Lee
Assistant Professor
Dr. Hohyun Lee received his Ph.D. degree in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT in 2009. He is interested in heat transfer mechanisms in nanoscale, and therefore engineering thermal properties of nanomaterials for the purpose of energy harvest.


Dr. Mahmudur Rahman
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
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tan Jason Tan
Graduate Researcher
Jason Tan is currently a Masters student in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on Electronics, specifically semiconductor devices. He is currently researching on the growth of Carbon Nanofibers, as well as its potential to be used in the future as an interconnect and via.


Anshul A. Vyas
Assistant Researcher
Anshul A. Vyas completed his BS from University of Mumbai, his MS from Santa Clara University and is now working towards his Ph.D. His research interests include Fabrication and Characterization of Copper-Vias, Carbon Nanotube Interconnects. He established the IEEE EDS Santa Clara University chapter and served as the Chair.


Patrick Wilhite
Graduate Researcher
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Dr. Toshishige Yamada
Research Professor of Engineering

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Dr. Cary Y. Yang
Professor of Electrical Engineering
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