Research & Academics

After School ProgramInspiring the Next Generation of Engineers
Engineering undergrads volunteer at a community center, bringing engineering concepts and fun to young students.
Robert PardenParden and the Grad Program
In 1959, then-dean Robert Parden introduced a graduate program in engineering.
Women EngineersThe Women of Engineering
Since Santa Clara's undergraduate programs went co-ed in the 1960s, women have been a powerful force in Bronco engineering.
1960: ComputerEntering the Computer Age
Today we take for granted the vast stores of networked data available on our smart devices, but in 1960 the installation of a 200 sq. ft., 7-ft. tall computer at Santa Clara was big news.
Solar DecathlonSolar Decathlon
What do you get when you take a team of enthusiastic undergraduates and put them to work on a project that changes people’s minds about alternative energy?
GhanaSCU Civil Engineering Goes to Ghana
William Sommer '11 and Dan Lawrie '11 collaborated with local masons in Gambibgo, Ghana, to develop inexpensive and sustainable construction methods.
Robotics LabThe Robotics Lab
From designing and operating a shoe-box sized spacecraft to analyzing the diagnostics system of a BMW, Robotics Lab students are involved in real-world engineering on a daily basis.
Design ThinkingGetting to the Core of Entrepreneurship
Innovative core curricula and pathways lead the way to entrepreneurial thinking.
Frugal InnovationFrugal Innovation
Engineers address the need for products and services in emerging countries focusing on earth-friendly, compassionate, use-centric features through this new initiative.
international CollaborationsInternational Collaborations
A recent focus on expanding faculty and students' global understanding and engagement has upped the ante for SCU's already rewarding international collaborations.
Tim Healey$1.3 Million Gift
An anonymous gift from an engineering alumnus is helping to support teaching and research in sustainable energy.
T ModelThe T-Model of Engineering Education
SCU has adopted the "T-model" of engineering education - a deep technical core paired with a broad set of soft skills.
Aerospace-landingKEEN on Innovation
SCU has joined the Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network to promote an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset among undergraduate engineering students.